Pictures of Palestine (amazing)

Some beautiful pictures of Palestine:

Praying in Al-Aqsa

Northern Palestine

Al-Naqab — Negev




Church of Nativity, Bethlehem


Northern Lakes


Al-Naqab Negev

My Favourite 🙂

Akka Wall










34 Responses

  1. nice places, I hope to go there soon

  2. Lailaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa.. oh my god…
    I got goose bumps all over while looking at those pictures, I wish I can make it one day there.. Thanks for sharing that with us.. Really it’s great

  3. They are BEAUTIFUL!!!!!!!!!!! Thanks so much for sharing!!! >-)

  4. rojiverde They are arent they? I hope to go there too 🙂 thanks for visiting!

    😀 I KNOW I cannot believe all these places are in one small country never mind Palestine… a555 I just want to go 😦

    Karin Thanks 🙂 and ur welcome, thanks for stopping by 🙂

  5. Simply amazing!
    I recieved the same pictures in a power point presentation and was about to put them on my blog but since you already did, I guess wont.

    I’ve been very lucky to be able to visit most of these places and I hope that one day I’ll be able to go back and visit them in a free Palestine.

  6. Beautiful! I hope I get a chance to visit them once in my lifetime.

  7. Indeed beauty..the first time I have the chance to see the Palestinian nature closely like that coz you know we used to blood..fighting..destruction photos..really tks to publish the other side we forgot a while.

  8. Duried I recieved them as a ppt attachment too… took me a few days to upload the lot and I have not posted them all.
    Thanks for the visit.

    Sharique 🙂 Inshallah you will, thanks for stopping by.

    Red Rose Actually I got this comment from some people when I showed them pictures of the palestinian landspace and people… that they were amazed that there was more to Palestine than anguish.

    Thanks for the visit 🙂

  9. Loolt

    You may find this blog interesting:

    She blogs along similar lines.

  10. Thanks Manas 🙂 will check it out pronto 🙂

  11. as much as i hate admitting it, but some of the landscape is israeli made and preserved, you may argue ” but it’s occupied” but i wonder, would the palestinians have made as much of it were they in their lands? i honestly don’t know, it’s hard to tell since the palestinians have never really tasted freedom so it would be hard to tell how far they are capable of taking care of their country. ( but i wouldn’t have had my hopes high about it if people like dahlan are in power) oh and btw, i would call it Al-Naqab instead of Negev.

  12. I am guessing you refer to the green fields of Tabarriya? I doubt it, it could very well be spring and Palestine tends to explode with colour and greenery then.

    Whether Palestinians would achieve this or not is debatable, I for one think they would, and do a better job… especially if they took inspiration from their history and culture in that at least the arhitechture is desined to blend in with the landscape.

    note change in name of negev 🙂

    thanks for stopping by

  13. I wish, I can go there, for one day only 😦

    Thanks for posting these amazing pictures

  14. Amazing! Heart aching 😦

  15. I know 😦 Thanks for visiting!

  16. those who brainwash the world about the palestian people are those who have no moral values (Israel, and the American government). Palestians are human just like the rest of the Gods’ people. we are no less or no more better than anyone else. These politician who make us believe that the really care for make peace are just legal crooks who are in it for their own benifits. They don’t want to make peace and their not children of God their children of the devil. Israel and America, Let My People Go

  17. palestian: I would say it is more about self serving than lack of moral values… as for brainwashing people, I agree, that happens alot… it amazed me that even when media coverage was adequate as in the case of last summers attack on lebanon, peoples sympathies would at times lie with the agressor! losing site of what started it.

    who are the children of the devil?

  18. we will be back

  19. فلسطيــــــــــــــــــــــــــن

  20. Lina yes we will

    All The Arabs are PALESTINE 3arabiya 😉

  21. WOW!!! amazing…. i pray Palestine to be free

  22. ماشاء الله………..الله يحفظك يا فلسطين …………..يــــــــــــــــــــــــــــــــــــــــــــــــارب

  23. Haseena thank you
    wided aaaameeeen ya RAB!

  24. […] January 16, 2009 by will shetterly I was hard to pick a favorite. If you like this, see the others at Pictures of Palestine (amazing) « Talking Virtually To Myself: […]

  25. عنجد شي ببكي
    هاي الأرض لفلسطين وللعرب وللأسف ماخذينها الصهاينة
    جلي عبالي موتهن كلهن كلهن ولادين الكلب

  26. there are no words i can think of to express except palestine is so beauty full allah surely shines there one day inshallah palestine will be free we see beauty in this life imagine paradise i hope inshallah all my sisters and brothers see paradise and are granted what they want

  27. a beniagha Thanks

  28. true beauty ~~~ this is the Palestine ~~~ wish all world to see in beautiful tones colours the photographs are a beauty depicting a lovely light ~~~ to all in palestine ~~~
    my love & hugs to you!
    so nice to see your pics!
    yes the tree is beautiful! -)
    *** GOD BLESS YOU! ***

  29. hey, these are pictures of Israel.
    I really wonder why you call it palestina.
    by the way, i guess you understand that if this would be in hands of muslims the only thing you will see here is esteril soil and sand since they dont give a shit about nature nor do care about to prosper the land.
    Im sure the only thing they have in mind is about to ‘kill the enemies blowing themselves and go to heaven with alah’ and ‘blame the jewish about taking over the international banks’.
    If they would be less ignorant they could do something for human kind but… such a waste….

    • a reply to Mr. Gustavo
      Jerusalem was once an holy place for Muslims which was taken by You jewish people n now u call it Israel… it is the part of Palestine and still now it is PALESTINE…… and this land was gifted because of the Islamic history not because people like you who are extremist in every bit….. go on searching on this Google and you will able to understand what these Israelis has done to just to the children of Palestine.

  30. Gustavo, Just to record, Palestinians had made Palestine the most Beautiful land on earth since 3000 PC. It still like that until a cancer called Zionism backed by International power took over it and made it Israel. I think you need to read some of Darwish: the Declaration of Independance in 1988:

    In the name of God, the Compassionate, the Merciful,

    Palestine, the land of the three monotheistic faiths, is where the Palestinian Arab people was born, on which it grew, developed and excelled. Thus the Palestinian Arab people ensured for itself an everlasting union between itself, its land, and its history.

    Resolute throughout that history, the Palestinian Arab people forged its national identity, rising even to unimagined levels in its defense, as invasion, the design of others, and the appeal special to Palestine’s ancient and luminous place on the eminence where powers and civilizations are joined. All this intervened thereby to deprive the people of its political independence. Yet the undying connection between Palestine and its people secured for the land its character, and for the people its national genius

  31. I actually had to present this blog post, “Pictures of Palestine (amazing) | Talking Virtually To Myself” together with my personal
    buddies on twitter. I actuallysimply desired to spread your outstanding publishing!
    Thank you, Ismael

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