“The Hijab Threat and Airport Security”

A call out from Imaan Networking, she recounts an experience she has had a few times in the UKs airports and then asks us to make the following deal:

So here is the deal I want to make with my fellow scarf wearers, when asked at the aiport to allow a headscarf check, do not refuse but insist on one of the following:

1- a private room where the check can be carried out. I do this and even offer to take it off (in front of women) if they are that worried about, but not in front of other people.

2- a FULL body check so that onlookers do not think that it is the headscarf that they are worried about.


To which I say: DEAL!

To read the full post, and what prompted the deal, click here


2 Responses

  1. salam sista!

    i was watching the news the other day and now they want to add the new security scanners in airports in the states. pretty much when u pass under those scanners u are totally naked. when i say naked i dont mean just bones showing i mean every single detail. someone check my hijab is not as big a musbeeeba as someone seeing … EVERYTHING


  2. wasalam,

    this post predates the scanners. The scanners are most uncomfortable for women/men who dont want total strangers looking at them naked, esp members of the opposite sex. The special search of the scarf can lead to the stigmatisation of the headscarf, and it just bothers me.

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