List of Scholarships Available for Palestinians

24/10/2015 Update

Since last I looked at this blog, a Gaza based startup created this app: which aims to link up citizens of the MENA region (Middle East and North Africa) to scholarships across the world.


I thought I would compile this list to act as a starting point for any Palestinian wishing to further their education in the UK, hope it helps!The Durham Palestine Educational TrustThis trust funds two Palestinian students to study for a Masters degree at the University of Durham, one of the UKs most prestigous universities.The Website:

Whos is eligible: Palestinians who have completed their degrees in one of the Universities in the West Bank or Gaza, and belong to a family that is normally resident in the West Bank or Gaza. You will also be expected to return to the West Bank or Gaza once your scholarship is completed.

Neat ways to raise money for them: You will find ways to raise money for the DPET by using the everyclick search engine, or donating used books. My favourite is by following this link when you purchase items from Amazon, the DPET receives 5% comission on every purchase made this way.

Said Foundation (Formely the Karim Rida Said Foundation)

These scholarships enable you to pursue further (postgraduate) education in the some universities in the UK and the Middle East, with the proviso that you use your knowledge to serve one of the Foundations’ target countries.


Who is Eligible: Iraqis, Jordanians, Lebanese, Syrians or Palestinians (including Palestinians inside Israel) who are resident in the Middle East.


  1. you must demonstrate that your chosen course of study will be of use to your home country or the Middle East region.
  2. you must have at least two years work experience.
  3. you must sign a binding undertaking to apply the skills and knowledge you have gained in one of the Foundation’s target countries.

The A.M. Qattan Foundation

I have attached the latest news that I received from the London based Qattan foundation, I could not find much information on their website (, but you can email them for further information (and maybe share what you find out?)

Five teachers received preliminary acceptance to the Qattan-Qaddumi Postgraduate Scholarship Programme in Education, which is now in its second year. An independent panel interviewed all prospective candidates, including our Gaza colleagues who communicated via video-conference. Short listed candidates are now required to fulfil a number of other conditions before the panel announces the winner.

******check this site for scholarships for Palestinian teachers: ****

British Council

The British Council offers scholarships for international students to further their studies in the UK.

Follow this link ( to find one that suits you.

The Hope Fund

Based in the USA (

Update: as of the 10th of September 2009, this post has received 174 hits, mostly from search engine referrals.�

I would appreciate it of people could give me some feedback, did you find this list useful in any way?

Either vote via the buttons at the top of this page, or by leaving a comment.

Thank you! 🙂

Update + Disclaimer: 


To everyone who has commented on this post, thank you! and to those students looking for funding for their studies, I wish you all the success.

As you can tell, I am no longer updating this blog, so my replies are very rare. So my apologies for the tardiness.

On the subject of scholarships, I am merely a messenger, and do not administer any of the available funding sources. Apologies if you I misled.

So if you are looking for a scholarship, please do follow the links I have provided, and contact the scholarships directly.



57 Responses

  1. Please add the Mahmoud Darwish Language Scholarship sponsored by the Palestine International Institute in cooperation with The Language Center at the Jordan University

    • Thanks, do you have a link to this? I can add this as a suggestion for scholarships outside the UK.

    • Dear Ms. Tarazi,

      i was wondering how can i contact anyone regarding the mahmoud darwish language scholarship. is there an email address and a contact person i can send to?

      thank you


  2. I am Mahmoud EL-Sayed Electrical Power Engineer in Gaza Power Station in Gaza
    Strip in Palestine.
    Gaza where the war take place last year in Jan., 2009.

    I am very interested to get my master program in power system.

    I have registered Online in Master of Science in Electrical Engineering Program

    So Could I get a scholarship to register at Prospective Waterloo University in Canada

    Without a scholarship I can’t any more study at your Prospective Waterloo University

    I wait your response.

    In last thanks too much for consider my massage.

  3. Hi!
    I am Mohammed , still student at islamic university of Gaza>>>>>>> looking for a scholarship , i mean for undergraduate students, coz i’m studying medicine and as u know the fees are so high ( imagine that 6000 dollars annually at least ) .
    hope u understand this

    and thnx

  4. Good luck to you Mohammed, I unfortunatley do not know of any scholarships avilable for undergrads, may be useful for contact the groups I list in this entry.

  5. i need formation about scholarship to germany hospital

    • wish I could help, I vaugely recall hearing about the daad scholarships, offered by germany to Palestinians wishing to study there. Google DAAD you may find something.

      Good Luck!

  6. Hi
    am looking for master in IT i have a BA how can i register for scholarships to have and learn master any where.

  7. i would like to about doctoral scholarship in the field of computational math, my title thesis ” Numeical methods for solving Differential Algebraic Equations”
    thank you

  8. Dear sir,

    My name is Mahmoud and I’m a citizen of Palestine. I just finished a B.A. Degree in Political Science from the USA and I was accepted at the United Nations University for Peace to pursue a masters in International law and the settlement of disputes. Unfortunately they did not offer me any financial assistance, so I deferred my enrollment there for two years, during which I’m interested in applying for external sources of funding. The degree will cost around $26,000. Do you by any chance know of scholarships for which I could qualify?

    Thanks so much for your help!

  9. hi,
    Iam Ruba S.Kurd
    Iam a medicine student in Al AlAzhar university-Gaza
    and Iam looking for a scholarship to help me to continue my studying
    Ihope that anyone can help me

  10. hi

    I am Azza from Ramallah , accountant and working in a bank.
    i am looking for a scholarship in the Jordan or in UK universities. i have checked out the British Council website but there are no details or dates.
    Any help from anyone will be helpful

    thanks in advance ..

    • All Sscholarships to Uk for 2010 has passed, there are many scholarships..but you have to wait for the next call, which usually start in Autum.


      • on the other hand, i can help on the procedures for applications, as its usually not easy ….and i did it before….you can contact me if you like.


  11. hi
    i am mohammad salah qrea a dentist from jerusalem palestine
    i have been graduated in 2008 from alquds university in abu-dees
    i want to help me to find a postgradute programes in dentistry in UK or germany??

  12. Hi, i have got an unconditional offer to Study Phd in Applied Linguistics at Newcsatle University in UK. I will appreciate if you can guide me to anyone who could assist me for a scholarship. thanks

    • congratulations! You could ask the Durham Education trust if they know of anything (they are based very near to newcastle). Also you may try contacting the Newcastle friends of palestine, they have palestinian students and may be able to advise ( But mainly try the british council. Contact your department @ newcastle and ask them on info on funding schemes for international students.

      Good Luck!

  13. good

  14. hi
    my daughter is a medicine student at an-najah university .Do u have any ideas about organisations funding students inside palestine??thanx

  15. my dear sir..

    I’m a Palestinian guy ” orphan ” finished high school with average 95% hoping that i will get at university and study medicine … as i have dreamed my whole life
    but Financial circumstances prevent me … so i have started to look for a grant to study abroad .. but until now no answer …
    so here i’m .. writing this letter hoping that you will answer and help me of making my dream come true
    waiting for your answer

  16. my nehpew is plastinians .studing in liverpool .my brother are doing effort study expance frome 3 years . but now his business is down .so we want to help .please help my nephew for continue. thanking you

  17. So, if I hear about any more scholarships or funding opportunities for Palestinian uni students I will be sure to update this page. I wish you luck Mohammed and salman, sorry I could not be of more help!

  18. Hi Guys,

    i’m trying to find a scholarship to do a one year course in Fashion design, if you know other institutions, please advice… thanks

  19. Hello .. My name is Mohammed Abdul Jalil, holds a high school and I can not study on my own and I hope you help me note that I am the sum of the 3 years you please help me 0096298339151

  20. hi Guys
    im mohammed zakaranih ,hold a high school with excellent standing in accounting , and i have dreamed to complete the master degree in bussiness administartion ,so ihope to help me or give me any information to acheive this dream

  21. hello !!
    i live in gaza and situation here is very bad and especially things that related to money ,am a unviversity student and i will be thankful if anyone can help me ..thanks

  22. hello !!
    i live in gaza and situation here is very bad and especially things that related to money ,am a unviversity student and my degree is very good in university and I am afraid that I will not be able able to continue my learning because of my financial problems i will be thankful if you can help me please

  23. hello . im hojouj , im Palestinian , i finish degree of general medicine , excellent marks with honor . id like to continue my master , if u can help me

    • contact here, thanks

      • مرحبا.. أنا فلسطينية بدرس في إيطاليا قربت اتخرج.. حابه اسأل إذا فيه منح لدراسة اللغة الانجليزية .. أو دكتوراة في الإقتصاد … شكراً

  24. hello, my name is kifah and i am palestina, i am a phd candidate in sapin can you inform me about the scholarships to study in spain or to study in europ in general

  25. مرحبا.. أنا فلسطينية بدرس في إيطاليا قربت اتخرج.. حابه اسأل إذا فيه منح لدراسة اللغة الانجليزية .. أو دكتوراة في الإقتصاد … شكراً

  26. Hello,
    My name is wasim, Gaza/Palestine, i have a degree in electrical and electronics engineering from turkey, and i got accepted in Wroclaw university of technology for “renewable energy systems” masters program, unfortunately my family back in Gaza can not afford the tuition fees, which are “4000 euro” per year, i tried to ask for scholarship, but they told me that the polish government will not give a Palestinian a scholarship, Please help me with this bad situation.
    Kind Regards,

    Wasim alghafir
    Department of electrical and electronics engineering
    Hacettepe university

  27. Hello Sir/ Madam

    My name is Sulaiman Alsaffori done of masters degree in Management for Construction/ Coventry -UK. Bachelor in Civil Engineering/ Jordan.

    I would like to get PhD scholership in related subject.

    It would pleasure to contact someone that could help me.

    Best Regards


  28. hi .. i am a Palestinian student, i am in my forth year , am going to graduate next semester , and now i am looking for a master scholarship , as you now the fees is so high , can you help me for that please ,thank you

  29. Dear Sir/Madam,
    My name is Sami Thawaba, I am from Palestine, and I hold a B.Sc. of mechanical Engineering. Currently I work in the oil and Gas industry, however my passion is internal combustions engines and automobiles, just last week I got an unconditional offer to pursue a master in Automotive Engineering at the City University of London.
    I am an active person and have the passion and desire to learn more and share my experiences on the academic, professional, and social level with others, I went through such experience in during high school education at Li Po Chun United World College of Hong Kong Where I studied, socialized, and lived with more than 250 students coming from seventy different nationalities, moreover I completed an internship program at Daimler-Chryslers in Stuttgart- Germany in 2007 where I helped out in many different departments and facilities.
    During my undergraduate studies, I try to implement the theoretical knowledge I learn in class, inform of projects; in my freshman year I designed and build a single seater car, an electric smoking pipe, a nitrogen engine, and others.
    Bellow is a youtube link to some of these projects:

    My plan is to obtain a master degree in automotive engineering and complete the required courses. For my research topic, I will be experimenting with a new intake/ exhaust valve concept for the four stroke spark ignition internal combustion engine, this concept will minimize valve consumption of engine power greatly producing an engine with greater overall shaft power.
    I am sending this e mail seeking a scholarship to be able to pursue this master degree



  30. Hello,

    I am a graduate student who recently finished his master degree in cancer research in Lebanon. I currently hold the status of refugee in Lebanon. I am looking for scholarship opportunities to finish my PhD in the UK. i can provide an offer letter or an acceptance letter from the UK university where i am applying.

    Thank you for taking the time and reading this.

  31. Hi,

    To everyone who has commented on this post, thank you! and to those students looking for funding for their studies, I wish you all the success.

    As you can tell, I am no longer updating this blog, so my replies are very rare. So my apologies for the tardiness.

    On the subject of scholarships, I am merely a messenger, and do not administer any of the available funding sources. Apologies if you I misled.

    So if you are looking for a scholarship, please do follow the links I have provided, and contact the scholarships directly.

  32. hi
    i am maysaa alyazji apalestinian student i got aschorarship to study mbbs in pakistan . i have done my third year and i am looking forward to continue my master in uk oxford university it is my dream to study there and i am planning to study surgery … so sir Is there is any chance to get this scholarship ??? i just want to continue my master directly after graduation without wasting time

  33. Dear all
    Im palestinian pharmacist in UAE, and i need a scholarship to study MBA in UAE where i live.can i get any fund??
    As my monthly income cant help!

  34. Hi ,

    First of all many thanks for your post. I was wondering if you are aware of any organization that helps Palestinians that lives in other countries, but in need for a post-graduation funding ( grant scholarships, work-study scholarships or even students loan scholarships) for Europe countries Universities.

    I would be more than thankful to you if you could help.

  35. Hi Hind,

    Check this out:

    they aim to link up arabs with scholarships all over the world.

  36. Hello,

    I am Hisham Kalabani and I am Palestinian. I am 22 years old . live in Nablus . I studied Methods of Teaching English at Al-Najah National University. I would appreciate it if anyone could help me to complete my dream of helping Palestinian children to get better education of English language learning.It would be nice if anyone offer help to give me a chance in a scholarship in England,or Germany.

    Thanks in advance.

  37. Hi,
    I’m Lina , a pharmacist from Gaza ,looking for a scholarship to study clinical pharmacy ,or any of the master programs for a pharmacist to continue my study .
    My GPA is very good and i really hoping to find a good scholarship to continue my study .
    Thank u .

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