I am not apathetic… just powerless, meen erhabi?

I debated whether to post this… I asked myself what does it serve?

I expect my blog visitor Stewart (he has an interesting and v. informing blog btw) would say that it does not do to list the injustices levied against a people by another… for it only serves to fuel more anger and hatred, driving us further away from peace.. but the I thought, these arent past injustices, these are in the here and now. It does not serve us to ignore or dismiss the impact these things have on people.
One statement made in this rap particularly stuck out:

“when will i cease to be a terrorist? when you slap me and I turn the other cheek?”

I chose this title because I was wanting to be an ostrich, hide my head in the ground and pretend that none of this happened, and forget my powerlessness. This video, even though very common, awakened me… I am still powerless, or let us say have very little power… but I cannot ignore its existence.

4 Responses

  1. I’m just amazed how western politicians “see the light” after they’re out of office!
    I love Dam!

  2. true, but it is good that they see it eventaually, Jimmy Carters book (which I am YET to read) has caused quite a stir in the USA… the force of the negative reaction actually did surprise me… but it tells you something about how Israel is percieved there.

  3. Hi,

    I did go to see DAM in Sthlm this friday… they were great! I’ll be writing about it in my blog soon…


  4. I look forward to your blog entry 🙂

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