choice, fate and the phoenix


The video I attach to this post I first came across on chocolate mints in a jar blog. It contrasts two myths, the cinderella myth vs the phoenix myth. Both myths deal with change, but cinderella requires some external fairy godmother to come along and ‘save us’ from whatever situation we are in. The phoenix on the other hand is within us, by picking apart what makes us ‘us’ by getting down to the nitty gritty, we get to the core of our being. We can rebuild our lives in the image that we want, away from the chains of society. We can decide what is important and what is not. This in turn opens up the channels of creativity, allowing for new ideas and such.

The Phoenix does not necessarily need to facilitate profound change in our lives or our achievements. But it can lead to greater fulfillment and happiness. I have have burned some of my phoenixes, boiled down my beliefs to their very essence, and as a result I know I chose to be Muslim for example.

I really connected with the speakers example of the ‘good girl’ who does everything according to ‘expectation’ and desires recognition for that by those who imposed the expectations on her, only to b badly burned and left feeling trapped and depressed.

This also reminds me of a friend of mine who truly is a victim of the fatalistic mentality. She is of the opinion that things will come to you. So, for example, even if you fell into a well (her example not mine) the man you will end up marrying will fall into that well with you. This total surrender to the whims of time and chance scare the living daylights out of me.

But I wonder, what false beliefs do I hold that may be holding me back from trying to achieve certain things in my life?


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  1. I absolutely loved the talk. I totally agree things don’t really come to us. We have to work hard and go after them. Even if you do believe in fate, you still have to do your homework so you are ready to accept that fate when it does come to you.
    The idea of good girls also resonated with me deeply. I am a wife and a mother and no one comes and says bravo you are doing a good job. I still want to be a wife and a mom and be good at it, but my life is about so much more than those things.

    • Thanks for posting it in the first place πŸ™‚ I liked how she related our growth with an initial soul search, which may not always be initiated by us, it helped me understand that “ma3 al 3osr yosra” that difficulties are in themselves cathartic πŸ™‚

  2. [Apologies I accidentally submitted the above blog site before I explained it]

    Hey Loolt,

    Not sure if you remember me.

    But, thought you might be interested in the story of Emily Henochowicz. she is American and Jewish and joined the International Solidarity Movement to stand in solidarity for peace between Israelis and Palestinians. At a protest concerning the attack on the Gaza flotilla she was shot in the head with a tear gas canister at close range. As a result she lost her eye. It is believed she was intentionally targetted.

    What is remarkable about her is her compassion, dignity ad lack of malice towards those who caused her harm or presently seek to cause her harm.

    She is an artist and an exceptional one at that.

    Take a look at her blog, her artwork and her reflections.

    • Hi Stewart

      Of course I rememver you, how is the thesis going?

      I was wondering what your first comment was about. That poor woman! and at the same time what an amazing woman! To be so passionate about something as to go to a scary foreign land to make statement deserved so much respect. Thanks for sharing her blog with me.

      Best wishes

  3. Hey Loolt,

    My thesis I finished back in 2003. But I continue to try and add pieces of information that might help others (and help myself) understand the conflict better. And to try and see the humanity (or inhumanity) of the other.

    Since the Gaza flotilla killings I have added a blog on some particularly bad Israeli misinformation

    I have also got one on heroes:

    Thanks again for sharing your journey – whether it is limited to terra firma or your intergalactic discoveries πŸ™‚

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