I have an `islamic’ swimsuit!

I placed islamic in inverted commas simply because I am not a big fan of labelling things as Islamic when they are not exclusively for Islam or explicitly Islamic… but what else can I call it? Any NICE suggestions are welcome.

That point aside I finally bit the bullet (partially inspired by a fellow blogger)and bought myself a splashgear swimsuit. This company is based in California, USA and was set up by a marine biologist, who came up with the idea when she wore hijab and missed swimming 🙂

In total, with shipping from the USA to the UK it costs about £50, a bit steep but I felt worth it if it was any good. However, British Customs and Excise then held my package hostage demanding payment of about £50 (tax + custom and excise)!!!! I was most put out and disappointed, but I coughed up the money anyway… I really really missed swimming 🙂

Having arrived I decided to ‘test’ it before taking the plunge, and took a shower in it. It was very light, did not absorb much water and the top actually got looser. I concluded that I felt comfortable with the level of modesty it offered, and vowed to try in out `for real’. Plucking up the courage to do that took me a few months. It also looked pretty ok, expect for the head piece… that just makes me look like a ninja turtle or some sort of prehistoric water creature! (swamp thing maybe?)

I recently joined a gym which has a pool, and I asked the lady who sold me the membership about restrictions they had on swimwear, and explained the basic idea of the suit I had, she said it was fine, people swim in leggings and T-shirts. That was a real relief, in the UK people can be quite anal about what you can and cannot wear in a pool. My suit was specifically designed to comply with health and safety regulations, but I really did not want a confrontation.

This particular gym has a pseudo-women’s only evening once a week, I say pseudo because you occasionally see a male employee knocking about, so I chose that evening for my suit’s debut and signed up for an aqua aerobics class. I put on a brave face, tried very hard not to think of Manal Omar’s horrid experience at the David Lloyd (a fancy sports club) Centre in Oxford, and put on my 4 piece suit. I have to wear a run of the mill one-piece under a pair of swim pants (which are a longer version of swim shorts that men wear), and a rash guard top that is designed to be looser across the chest than your average rash guard top, and my fish-type head cover.

Nobody seemed to give me a second glass, I say seemed because I dont wear my glasses when swimming, and basically I am as blind as a bat without them, so in principle I may have received funny looks, but can be pretty sure that nobody pointed and laughed loudly at me. Most importantly I was left alone, nobody challenged me or questioned the suitability of the outfit.

From a practical perspective, the suit was good. Swimming was easy, and I just need to get used to having something next to my skin while swimming. It did introduce extra resistance while doing the aqua exercises, and the trousers did balloon while I was standing. I think next time I will get the narrower leg trousers (I got the wide leg ones). When you exit the water the top does stick but a quick tug at the bottom loosens it immediately, this is something that was made clear by the manufacturers though.

In all, if asked, I would give the suit 9/10. Marks deducted for the head piece, and 1/2 for increased resistance (if only very slight).

splashgear 1


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  1. Welcome back, I have missed your entries.

    How about a “conservitive swim suit”?

    Number of Operations Iraq Freedom and Enduring Freedom casualties as confirmed by U.S. Central Command: 4310

  2. thank you 🙂

    conservative is appropriate, but maybe people will think that this implies that none full body suits are uncoservative/flamboyant?

    maybe full body suit?

  3. Wallahi very good, excellent “review” of the suit if i may say so 🙂

  4. lol, thank you 🙂

  5. Yaaay .. You’re back..!
    I love this review, and I’m sure many ladies will appreciate it more than me.
    It’s interesting to see that there are people actually working on resolving these issues and making sure that no body is blocked from their favorite -anything- because of their beliefs!

    Do I have to beg you to get an updated Cosmologist latest info? I’ve been dying to read something new

    Here’s a suggestion: Did you have a conflict between your religious beliefs and your scientific field? Most (if not all) cosmologists are not very religious .. would you care to talk about that? I would love to hear your side

  6. welcome back – and interesting review!

  7. Good for youuu!!!! I’m so happy you finally made it:) I wasn’t sure I’ll enjoy swimming wearing it, but it was perfect!!
    I’m soooo happy for you!! I really am, alf mabrook and enjoy it to the max:)

  8. 🙂

    welcome back 🙂

  9. I have a modest swimsuit bought online at http://www.mycozzie.com
    I now enjoy all the benefits of an active leisure lifestyle.
    I even went to wild wadi in Dubai wearing it and was asked by at least 20 women where I got this gorgeous fashionable suit.
    Thankyou to mycozzie XXXXX

  10. Qwaider didnt know I was missed or that cosmology was that interesting to people, it may take a while but you will hear from me regarding it… and just a quick answer, no 6ab3an there is no conflict it is perfectly in sinc… I think there is an Ayah and I need to find it that says something along the lines of blessed are those who contemplate the stars… Allah a3lam but i will chase it up 🙂

    bint battuta thank you 🙂

    nido I think this is your first comment here 🙂 and thanks! did you have any bother practically with your suit?

    Qabbani thanks 🙂

    Fatima Habtoor thanks for the visit + comment… btw i LOVE the mycozzie 🙂 is it just online or is there somewhere in UAE where you can try them on? are they easy to swim in?

  11. I don’t know about other people. But I love cosmology and I love your writings. I’ve been waiting to hear from you … it’s been a while

    Yalla .. please … couple of paragraphs .. won’t hurt you much 🙂

  12. Please visit our website http://www.acquagymbrazil.com and enjoy the trendiest swimwear for muslimahs.

  13. Dear Sirs or Madam,

    As salaamu alaykum.

    Acquagym is a brazilian company based on Rio de Janeiro, today we´re spreading our brand wordwidely and we´re specialized on highest quality burkinis, bikinis and gym wear. Acquagym swimwear is extremely high quality, chlorine resistant, UV protection, quick drying and our fabrics are brazilian patented.
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  14. Hi,

    My name is Rubiyah Ghavs from Singapore.

    I am looking for companies (particularly in US, Middle East and Europe) interested to purchase my collection of Modest / Islamic Swimwear.

    Our swimwear come in many distinctive designs and in many colors and prints, and a range of sizes available for teens and adults. They are made from the best Spandex Lycra material which does not stick to the skin when wet. The material is also chlorine-resistant and provide sufficient protection from the harmful UV rays of the sun.

    For bulk purchases, we offer very competitive prices, averaged at about USD$40.00 per piece. For bulk orders, the minimum quantity is 40 pieces. If you order more than 100 pieces, we offer to print your own brand or label, and sew it on the swimsuit’s collar and side tag.
    If you are interested, please e-mail me and we can discuss further. If you want, I can also send you some sample photos and the size charts.

    Lastly, we also manufacture children’s swimwear priced at about USD$25.00 – USD$35.00 (depending on size).

    I look forward to form a successful business relationship with you.

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  15. yes i think mycozzie are available only online. but everyone wears them in dubai. I saw there add in marie clair uk. so that speaks volumes!

  16. please acess http://www.acquagymbrazil.com for the highest quality islamic swimwear

  17. thanks Acquagym, they seem very nice 🙂 have you had a lot of custom?

  18. […] swimming, swimsuits, usa, west Since publishing my various posts on islamic swimsuits (here, here and here) I have had about 2000 hits solely for these posts, my most popular posts of all. […]

  19. […] approx 50 GBP w/out p&p VAT custom charges (it worked out to be 100GBP with), which I review here) and turkish suits (hasema), I have come across several other companies which provide similar […]

  20. Check out a new addition to Muslim Swimwear at loveyourbodyladies.blogspot.com. It’s exciting to see that more Muslims could jump in the pool without getting worried about getting a wisel from the lifeguard. Yay!!

  21. I got the Burqini and I love it, it comes with an attached hood and ties on the legs so you don’t have to worry about it in the water, it is just awesome. They have loads of cool colours and I haven’t seen a more stylish option for us.

    I got mine through a girl at a market in Al Ain, she has a importing partner in Dubai too. I got it cheaper through her than on the web. you can email her on burqini@gmail.com

  22. The best swimsuit I have ever tried came from http://www.alsharifa.com – also great customer service, just awesome! The swimsuit is chic and looks modern, unlike the stuff that comes from Egypt, Singapore, or even Spain.

    • Thanks for the info Dalal.

      • Yes, the swimsuits do look nice but the price is still quite expensive compared to Rubyzent’s (http://www.rubyzent.com. I bought the modern, hipster model from them (Woman Black Stripes) and I’m very impressed with the quality and affordable price. They just released the sporty ones too. Just my opinion, though. Thanks, Loolt for the Islamic Swimwear reviews. Very helpful to us Muslimahs who enjoy water sports 🙂

  23. Hey Everyone,

    Would like to introduce you to our “Modest Swimwear” Its been successful for years here in Dubai and around the globe.

    MyCozzie says bright and brezzy, stylish and adventurous.
    Dubai’s latest addition to fashion swimwear is for elegant women who are modern but modest.

    With colorful designs that bring out your personality and give you freedom to have FUN!!!!

    Shop online @ http://www.mycozzie.com: email us-info@mycozzie.com

    Looking forward to hearing from all you..:))))


    • Thanks for this 🙂 I think I have your suit covered in another post of mine and I also bought one recently. The only problem was that the legs strecth when wet making it cumbersome to swim in and I had to take them up, maybe something you could look into?

  24. I bought mine at Alsharifa.com

  25. Hi. I understand it’s very difficult to find places that sell Islamic swimsuits. It took me ages to find one for my daughter so if anyone’s looking you can get them here.

    This one is for kids:

    This one is for woman

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