A Network for Muslim Women in London

Imaan Networking was launched by a very innovative young professional a few months ago. Having just moved to London, and realising that it was difficult to meet like minded women she simply put an ad in one of the many websites for Muslims in the UK (I think it was islamic events something). Her ad requested that Muslim women professionals in London contact her should they wish to create a network. The idea took off, and several dinners in London restaurants were arranged, where the Women got to know the organiser and each other.

In Ramadan Imaan Networking organised iftars in members houses. A member would volunteer to host an Iftar, and registered guests only would receive the address. A bit risky, but since many had met each previously, the host knew at least a few of the people destined to show up at their doorstep. As a guest you were expected to bring a dish to share. The atmosphere at these events was amazing, over 15 people showed up at each, and we quickly got to chatting. The women were from various backgrounds and professions (film makers, IT managers, accountants, psychologists, teachers, lawyers, oh and a cosmologist 😉 I had some explaining to do at these events 😀 ), and the converstaion flowed.

The Network has expanded, and now have a website (www.imaannetworking.com) and a blog (www.imaannetworking.wordpress.com). They are now organsing theatre evenings, Eid parties, and trips abroad!!! The latter I am really excited about!

I think this is a neat and innovative way of making new friends 🙂


2 Responses

  1. AoA
    My name is Azeema.
    Happy to see ur blog. I am 13 yrs old. Want to continue swimming. Please let me know, if you have some info, that where I can buy muslim women’s swimwear.


  2. Salam! Ive heard really good things about Imaan Network too! Mashallah! I thought id also let you know about a new website called http://www.butterflydeals.com which offers various new experiences at great prices for women!A large selection of our deals have been tried and tested by women who want to experience everything from the thrills of adventure to the relaxation of spa days – all at affordable prices.

    It might be of interest for you to know that one of the areas we are developing are trips abroad, hope to have the first one in February – a skiing trip to Turkey!

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