The Durham Palestine Educational Trust

Just wanted to share the latest email I recieved from everyclick. If you look at my side bar you will see an icon for the everyclick web search site, this link automatically selects the Durham Palestine Educational Trust ( as your chosen charity, and all the searches you make through this will result in everclick donating to the dpet.

In 2006 you helped us raise UK £1,280 from, the search engine that gives 50% of its turnover to charities. This is over 6% of our annual income.

Durham Palestine Educational Trust (Charity No. 1085097) aids Palestinian development through Masters scholarships at Durham University. More info. at

The Durham Palestine Educational trust pays for the tuition and living expenses for Palestinian students to do a masters in Durham University, one of top five universities in the United Kingdom. This Trust is a testement to what can be achieved by a small group of activists if they put their midn to it, and believe me it is a small group, Durham is one of the smallest cities in England 🙂 .

2 Responses

  1. excellent i am pleased with this!

  2. Thanks for stopping by… so does this mean you will be searching with everyclick :)?

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