beware the british muslim (rolling my eyes)

1/3 of young british muslims wish to live under sharia law, and this according to David Cameron, makes them equivelant to the British Nationalst Party… has he any idea how ignorant that made him sound? This was reported on the BBC, which disclosed the results of new statitsics which also showed that the younger generation are more religous than their ancestors, and that more women wish to wear hijab -this last piece of information quoted while showing pictures of women in Niqab.

Islam, as is most religions, is anything BUT a racist religion, go to mecca and witness the racial/cultural melting pot that makes up the followers of this religion. Look into Islam itself, and nowhere will you find calls for segregation of race, nor for the vilification of mixed marriages and their offspring. All of which you will find after a short conversation with the BNP.

So some muslims were honest when answering whetever survey questions that were asked, maybe they were naive in assuming that sharia law could be applied in a country where only a minority are muslim…. esepcially since sharia law does not compel a non-muslim to abide by it, they get to choose whether they wish to live with it or not. Under British laws a group of people are not only allowed but encouraged to sort their civil differences among themselves before resorting  to the courts… this is the basis which the more structured Jewish courts are held, and the Islamic courts, both encompass civil disputes, marriages and non-criminal cases. But of course, that muslims apply it suddenly makes them equivelant to the BNP.

God Almighty, what are these politicians playing at?

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  1. Hi, me again.

    After reading this second post, it becomes clear that your wish would be all people everywhere submit to the dominance of Islam and adherence to Sharia would be a great thing for all of humanity.

    Would it be fair to say that everyone on earth is Muslim, they just don’t know it yet?

    As you know, the state within a state doctrine is at work in many nations around the earth. Many concessions to Muslims have been made by most of Europe and It’s only a matter of time that demographics allow Islamization of the continent. I’m sure your proud.

    But, you seem to want to pretend this is not the goal. Sharia asks nothing from non Muslims? Islam surely does.

    Sincerely, Hank

  2. hello,

    Where did you get that from? It seems you see ‘muslim’ and immediatley impose your assumptions about that.

    How they would want sharia applied was not made clear, the last time this issue was raised in the news, it was in regards to community courts, and how that muslims were forming their own. As I said, this is accounted for in British law, and many communities and individuals use it. No problem there.

    “Everybody is a Muslim but they dont know it yet”…. what?

    Yes I am happy when people convert to Islam, doubly so, because there is no compulsion in religion, and it means that Islam does not have such a horrible image. We cannot go around shoving islam down people’s throat, on that note there is also no mission to go around converting people, if that is what you were implying.

    I hear the statement ‘muslims have been given concessions’ in europe I have yet to be given any facts. What concessions have they been given? What have they been given that others are denied?

    In an (ideal) islamic state, the communities would have their own constitution, sharia law would apply to muslims, and I think in the case where a muslim is the victim of a crime, and when someone (non-muslim) wishes to deal with an issue under sharia law.

  3. Hi

    I’m unable to find immigrant communitites that have imported their own government/legal system/religion (it is all the same, right?)and live exclusively under that, or at least strive to, while residing in a host nation other than muslims.

    I think we may talk past one another mostly because, as a good muslim, your unable to admit the flaws or shortcomings that seem so obvious to everyone else. Rather than do a long, accusatory version of what we both know, please accept that all kuffar aren’t stupid and I will work to educate anyone who will listen on the truth about Mohammed and Islam.

    It seems that for you to deny or be unaware of the exact nature of the Islamic ideology, you must be a lukewarm, cafeteria muslim or unwilling to admit it to an infidel.

    So, thanks for writing back.


  4. I am unable to find immigrant communties who shed their origins at the door of the host country, and morph in pure host country individuals. Such total integration takes time, and even when religions are the same, individuality remains, take the mexicans in the states as an example. That is not the issue, is that they continue to be muslims in secular countries such as france? or muslims in christian countries such as england? Let us also not forget that islam is a religion, the grwoth of islam is not purely from the born and raised variety of people, it is also due to people reading about it and converting to it…

    So everyone else is aware of the shortcomings of islam? well, tell that to the people contributing to islam being ‘the fastest growing religion’. Oh yes, that will be your mission in life… well good luck, you will need it selling the ‘shortcomings of islam’ to the eductaed masses… it will be a task akin to telling a cosmologist that the universe is carried through space on the back of a giant tortoise…


  5. Many people desire Sharee’ah, as well as Khilaafah, but they are not prepared for it. The first step is to return to Tawheed and the Sunnah kamaa qaala rasoolilllaahi sallallaahu alaihi wa salam.

  6. We may not be prepared for shari3ah, but we certainly have all the knowledge to apply it, maybe just our faith needs some working on! 🙂

  7. I find it very strange that Muslims would want to go and live in a Christian country , except for the fact they would be better off and richer there , they are in fact economic refugees.
    And as far as having Shariah law in the West , that should not be possible . In most western countries politics , law , and religion are separated . If people want Shariah law , then stay and live in a Muslim country .
    I see that people often want the best of both worlds , Muslim ideas , but western riches and life.

    And don’t tell me I do not know anything , I spend most of my time in Malaysia and Indonesia , and see what really happens in Muslim countries .
    As I say respect the countries that you go to or emmigrate to , integrate into that culture , otherwise at some point you will not be welcome any more.
    Look at my country of origin and my nationality of choice , I am Britsh by birth , French by choice , I currently live in SE Asia , predominately Muslim , I integrate into the country except religion.

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