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doing a quick search on what muslim women wear to swim, I uncovered a plethora of hate sites and blogs. The Islamic dress code (for women, they neglected the male counterpart) is almost always seen as women being forced by men, that given half a chance we would all prance about in bikinis. They claim that because muslim women are expected to dress decently, this somehow means that muslim men are ‘uncontrollable savages, who believe that non-hija wearing women should be raped’, yes really, their moronic analyses extends that far!!!!

Reading through some of these, I got the impression that they (idiots of the web) felt that muslim women are viewed as ‘superior’. Since this is not a claim nor a characteristic of any muslim I have come across, does this mean that those who constantly feel the need to put down muslim women for what they wear, somehow feel inferior? It certainly smacks of it!

Not only that but when someone automatically assumes that a womens life choice is dictated to her by a man, does that not mean that that person is themsleves from a highly patriarchal society, in which men pull all the strings? How sad.

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  1. Hi.

    My intention is not to be abrasive or agressive.
    You may have missed this, but European women, many of them, have reported just before being raped by young Muslim men, were accosted, cursed at and accused of being whores because they did not dress appropriately, i.e. burqa or some lesser version of Muslim dress.
    The barbaric rapists, and all rapists are barbaric, testified to authorities that the women asked for the brutality by refusing adherence to Muslim dress, i.e. ideologoical sensibilties.

    If you live in Palestine, your fully aware of the creep of Islamist fundamentalism and what that means to women.

    If your intention is to ask others to ignore male supremacism in Islam and deny that compliance is required to avoid facing severe penalties, then your on the wrong track.

    Most women look lousy in Bikinis anyway.

    Sincerely, See

  2. Hiya!

    First, I’m perfectly happy that I live in a country where Muslim women can wear whatever they want wherever they want. If a Muslim woman wants to wear a bikini on the beach, or a burqa, that’s fine with me. I’m ALSO willing to accept the hypocracy that if I travel to a Muslim country, I’ll be expected to behave according to THEIR codes. Whatever…. it’s a big world.

    What thoroughly pisses me off, however, is that Muslim’s want to trade with us but don’t want to accept the globalization of culture that comes with that. Sorry, folks, but if you want us to buy your oil, you kinda have to be nicer to us…

  3. icanplainlysee: 1) uh-huh, because non-muslim rapists are just so nice and respectful towards women, anything a rapist has to say about a woman is dismissable. 2) I am fully aware of islam’s views on women, which is why I am still a muslim. The question is, how much do you know about islam? and what is it that makes you feel qualified to judge it and it’s follwers?

    susanfromseattle: Iran and Saudi, those are the 2 countries which require the wearing of the headress… however I am not sure if this is by law or not. France, parts of Germany, Tunisia and Turkey, are 4 countries which I know of in which legal action has been taken against women for wearing a head-scarf (yes I am aware of the irony that 2 of them have a predominantly muslim population). David Camerons latest remarks also show that the UK gvmnt is having issues with the consequences of globalisation. So, if you want ‘our’ oil (palestine has none btw), then you have to be nice to us… oh no, hang on, your gvmnt will just bomb us. So we have to be nice to your gvmnt to live to see tomorrow, arent you sweet.

  4. haha, “if you want us to buy your oil, u gotta be nice with us”

    so many american companies happily digging wells are not exactly ‘buying’ oil, are they? Oh yes! up front they are, they really are nice! They wish you luck while chopping your head off! that is, my dear, called etiquette.

    the uae govt is another funny thing. i sincerely try to figure why do we need a separate us embassy there at all? may well be another piece of etiquette!

    it makes me laugh. You gotta accept our culture, because we are the best culture anyway! Not only best, The Ideal!

  5. Hi Loo,

    I know a little about Islam.

    Since I mentioned the rape of European women by muslim men is
    escalating, please speak to the Quranic teaching requiring 4 witnesses, men I assume, to prove rape of a muslim women.

    And, if you get a chance, speak about the very large number of muslim women in prison for adultery or fornication because they accused muslim men of rape and were unable to provide the required number of witnesses? Bizarre, huh?

    I’ll understand if you would rather not try to explain these glaring evils.


  6. Hi,

    Ok you ignoramus, it is clear that you know NOTHING about Islam nor islamic teachings. So please dont make a fool of yourself and claim that you do.

    A woman who has been raped cannot be asked to produce witnesses; her claim shall be accepted unless there are tangible grounds to prove otherwise. To insist that she provide witnesses is akin to inflicting further pain on her. If anyone refutes her claim of innocence, the onus is on him to provide evidence, and she may simply deny the claim by making a solemn oath, thus clearing herself in public. This is the Islamic ruling for a victim of rape. Evil?

    However if someone accuses someone of adultery and cannot provide the 4 witnesses THEN he/she will be guilty of slander against that person. BIG difference.

    As for the ‘large number of european women raped by muslim men’, get out of your twisted little head for a second and stick to facts. On the subject though, isnt it true that an Amnesty International Report found that in the USA a woman is raped every 90 seconds? Does this mean america and americans (who are predominantly Christian btw) are evil? I am sure you will agree that THAT conclusion would be completely off base and prejudiced.

    Now, it is clear that you are an ignorant bigot, so please leave my blog alone.

  7. Ola: give me some time to think of something 🙂

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