The Brutal Murder of a Muslim in a German Court


Translation: "To Marwa's soul, the martyr of the hijab and the accusation of terror"

It has been 7 days since the Egyptian pharmacist, Marwa Al-Sherbini was brutally stabbed to death by a nutter in a German court. The attack lasted 30 seconds and resulted in 18 stabs. I am not sure what the police or court security were doing during this time, but they seem to have managed to jump to action when her husband came to her rescue, but then only to shoot him. Egyptians are clearly angered and upset, Marwa -may she rest in peace- was buried in her hometown of Alexandria the other day, and Egyptians flowed into street protests chanting La Illaha Illa Allah wal al-maan a3daa2o Allah (There is no god but God and the Germans are the enemies of God) (The Huffington Post).

There are many elements of the case that puzzle me, how could a 30 second attack be sustained in court without anyone intervening? Where were the court security at the time? It must have been clear who the assailant was, why shoot the husband when he tries to intervene? and finally why cant I find any news stories in English about this?

All I have come across is a translation of a German article by the blogger Too Much Cookies, and a comment in the Guardian newspaper, which I must say felt more like a denouncement of the reaction of Egyptians and Arabs to the case. The writer was objecting to their paranoia, because apparently they were convinced that there was a premeditated European media blackout on the case while Europe ‘over report’ Muslim attacks on non-Muslims, thus signifying an era of justifiable attacks on Muslims.

Now, personally I prefer to avoid such conspiracy theories, and having lived in Europe, and dealt with Germans in the workplace, do not believe that they are generically racist Islamophobes. But this case and its fallout has me confused and surprised me, it certainly does feel the crimes committed by Muslims, even if they are in isolation, are well reported in the media, but this crime committed by a Russian immigrant and compounded by the bizarrely incompetent (and dare I say prejudiced?) behaviour of the German court security has barely made it into even the most left wing British newspaper! and even then only as a pithy comment written by someone with a conveniently Muslim sounding name.. seriously this case has me worked up enough to start reading meaning where none may exist!

Sure, it is a massive leap from this case, and the way it has been handled, to conclude that Europe is on the cusp of Islamophobia, or that Germans are in general the enemies of God (and yes that is a racist ignorant thing to say regardless of how you are feeling!)… but still the facts of the case are unclear, and whether the court security personnel are being subjected to an investigation has not been reported, but I hope they are. And I hope Marwa rests in peace, and that her family find a way to live with their horrific loss, 3athamma Allaho 2ajirhom.


After a more careful search of The Guardian I found two more articles (here and here) but again they are more focused on the reaction of Egyptians and her family to the murder, rather than the murder and circumstances that lead up to it.

Turns out the BBC also has an article, again focused on the reaction to the murder, and they claim that the defendant was in court for ‘insulting her religion’ (her being Marwa).. when acccording to the Guardian he called her a ‘terrorist’ and ‘islamist whore’ and was in court on charges of defamation (link)


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  1. […] example of why Huffington Post is not journalism. I like a nice one-two punch for a Wednesday The Brutal Murder of a Muslim in a German Court – 07/08/2009 It has been 7 days since the Egyptian pharmacist, Marwa […]

  2. Marwa Al-Sherbini was brutally stabbed to death by a Russian origin German in a German court. The same case was in court before but this time it occurred days after the French President Nicolas Sarkozy gave a speech denouncing the Hizab. This is a gift from Angela for Sarkozy to console his soul.

    What about the police man who shot the savor rather the killer. It is because the police man always got training that Muslims are more or less terrorist and the Europeans are humanist . So police man shot the husband of Marwa.

    • Hi

      The actions of the court security are as I said very weird, and there is very very very little information on what actually happened in that courtroom, which in itself is fuelling further speculation.

      I thought Sarkozy denounced the Niqab? Which is very different to the Hijab and headscarf.

    • They certainly follow arab/muslim news more closely, but the article still left alot to be desired. But I agree the BBC is steadily going downhill, and is becoming more biased.

    • Hi

      Aljazeera is just another version of BBC , Aljazeera is a joke actually they are following western media rather than serving islamic nation. well can we call Qatar Islamic???

      • Hello 🙂

        I dont entirely agree with you. During the latest bombardment of Gaza, Al-Jazeera was at the forefront in reporting events as they happened, and they were the only international news agency who reported from within. Their reporting was so vivid that we felt that we were there in Gaza watching the horrors unfold.

        Oh, and what is so wrong with Qatar? They seem about Islamic as anyone else.

  3. And BBC has gone to hell. They were better five years ago. Not anymore.

  4. Salaam,

    In fact Press TV ‘s building got hit in Gaza because their job in enlightening people over Palestine problem is much better than others ,so I suggest you to watch press tv then you can judge aljazeera better,
    and you tell me please what is islamic about Qatar except having Muslim population!
    meeting with Sharon? selling Israeli goods in Doha supermarkets? Although Qatar did much better than other Arabic countries regarding Gaza in OIC meeting.

    unfortunately aljazeera and AL Arabia both are aligned with western media to show their continuous animosity against Iran to divide Islamic ummah more into shia sunni thing.

    • Wa Salaam

      Press TV has had some great interviews I admit that. I dont particularly think that Al Jazeera is the best news channel out there, but their coverage of arab affairs (and Gaza in particular) seems to be quite thorough. I dont follow it very often so have not picked up on any Shia-Sunni rabble rousing, so cant really comment on that.

      As for Qatar, exactly, they’re no worse than anyone else. Egypt and Jordan both have naturalisation agreements with Israel, and other countries in the ME now have business deals with Israel (albight on the hush).

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