Ceasefire in Gaza

… and it is with baited breath that I await the next onslaught. The silence that will now envelope Gaza is scarier than the latest massacre… the quick death that a bullet brings will be replaced, again, by the slow death by starvation and disease. The survivors will be left relatively alone to cope with their harrowing ordeal and loss, and the injured will be awaiting a force majeure that never comes to heal them.

So again I hope that the images of carnage and extreme grief that graced our television screens during the last 3 weeks will remain branded in our brains, and that the fervor and anger that I witnessed even on the streets of england will not be  quashed. 

Apathy is no longer an option for anyone.

Allah yikoon fi 3oon Ahilna fee Gaza (may God aid our family in Gaza)

Death Slide show by Zenobia (WARNING: VERY VERY GRAPHIC!!!)

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