How to start a Stop the War group (UK)

Suggestions from STWC head office:


Its really simple to start a group. Here are some ideas.

Call a meeting. Book a room in a community centre, mosque,
church, pub, library.

Get a national STWC coalition speaker
(this is very important so that local groups establish a link
with the national organisation, get news of what the national
organisation is planning, feed in local actions and so on).

Add some local speakers from unions, community and religous
groups etc.

Produce leaflets, email, text Facebook and phone
to advertise the meeting. Ask sympathetic organisations to
help publicise the meetings.

Call a protest. Same process as above. Pick a good focus: a
local MP’s surgery (if they are not in favour of our camapign
aims), local media if its biased (and it usually is!). Or just
call it in a local town square or market place. Do invite
speakers so that they can shape the response of the crowd.

Use the media: The local paper, radio and TV may not be
sympathetic (though often individual journalists and National
Union of Journalists members will be) but they are hungry for
news and controversy. The STWC is a nationally recognised
organisation with a strong media profile that you can use to
get articles and letters into the papers and news items and
interviews on radio and TV. Don’t forget the free sheets~its
easy to get into them and they go out very widely.

Always collect money. Both locally and nationally we always
need money to fund the campaign. Make sure there are always
collection buckets around and that someone does a dedicated
(but short) fund raising speech.

Set up a local committee. Invite people who have been active
in the campaign and who support you locally to help organise
activity. Make sure the committee includes as wide ranging
interests as possible represented on the committee. Trade
unionists, Labour Party members, Greens, socialists, CND
supporters, Muslim, Iraqi, Afghan, Palestinian, Lebanese
groups and many more are all part of the STWC throughout the
country. They proably won’t all be active in your area but try
and get as broad a spectrum as possible involved.

Mobilise for national STWC events. It always helps to build a
local group if it participates in the bigger national marches,
meetings and conferences. It costs to get to these events but
its worth the money: it gives local activists confidence,
ideas and allows them to feed their experiece into the
national organisation.

Get in touch with us: Always let us know what you are doing.
We may have contacts in your area. We always want to help and
send speakers when we can. We can help publicise your meeting,
protest, coach on the website and in the news letter.

Phone us on: 02072786694


Even if you aren’t able to build a group please send us the
emails of all your local contacts so that they can be sent our
Newsletters directly.

3 Responses

  1. I am praying for peace in Gaza daily.

    I find myself crying when I think of the poor people being killed and abused by Israel.

    Number of Operations Iraq Freedom and Enduring Freedom casualties
    as confirmed by U.S. Central Command: 4844

  2. I would rather like to see some suggestions on how to stop war between Arab leaders

  3. Ted you and be both

    Active Muslimah not really the prerogative of a british/international organization but a good and needed idea none the less

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