London Rally for Gaza 10 Jan 2009 (Part 1)

Today saw London hosting one of its largest and most passionate demonstrations for Palestine, with an approximate turnout of 200,000. It was freezing, and my fingers are still thawing, so I will write up my review a little later. For now here are a few news and blog entries about it:

The Jerusalem Post

Al-Jazeera (Arabic)

BBC (Note: I had already gone home when they attacked Starbucks)

Indymedia (an excellent review of the demo)

Blog Entries:


Lenins Tomb

Barbaric Document (all pics)



Youtube videos

Annie Lennox speech

Brian Eno

Other speeches (SinnFein and Ken Livingston)

Riot outside embassy compound

Riot police

5 Responses

  1. I was there, from Marble arch great protest

  2. There have been no protests where I live or I would be there…
    Number of Operations Iraq Freedom and Enduring Freedom casualties
    as confirmed by U.S. Central Command: 4836

  3. Thanks for posting the links to these. Like most people, I was too far away from the stage to see what was going on and I was still marching somewhere when the final rally was happening. Like a lot of people, I never even made it to the Embassy! I was about 10 metres away when the cops moved it, split the demo in two and sent people away down the side streets. Here’s a link to Lowkey’s awesome performance on Saturday, too. And some more videos of speeches have just gone up at Lenin’s Tomb.

    Oh and I really dig the last post. I made some comment over at my blog likening the absurd suburban analogies – what if your neighbour started firing rockets at you, etc – to the end of season cliff-hanger episodes of soapies like Neighbours. For people from colonial settler societies like the USA or Australia, in my case, one also has trouble identifying with Palestinians because to do so draws into question the genocidal history of one’s own country.

  4. wun excellent!

    Ted you are with us in spirit 🙂

  5. ibs your comment got held up in moderation sue to the prescense of 2links.. sorry!

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