May the bloody image of Gazza stay with us

I need not elaborate on the horror that is being inflicted on Gaza. The latest bloody attack on the tiny strip is the culmination of over a year of starvation, isolation and torment inflicted by Israel and Egypt in the first place and the rest of the world in the second place. However, it takes tonnes of bombs dropped onto the city to propel the people, not the governments, just the people, but its a start. Bahrain, Amman, Cairo, Beirut, London, Glasgow,  Madrid and many other cities have erupted in passionate protest againste the latest massacre of Palestine. Even though not the first, it is probably the first blatant massacre, unlike Jenin the Israelis cannot claim that the Palestinians are lying about what happened, Livni made Israel’s goal crystal clear in that they will ‘pound Gaza into a new reality’, nor can they absolve themselves by claiming to be mere spectrators as in the cases of Sabra, Shatila and Tal al-Za’atar. This time, Israel has come closest to total exposure of its true reality, and they will have a hell of a time explaining their bloodlust to the world.

The protests are passionate, and they are far reaching, I am told even the London protest, which are usually very polite swelled to the point where protesters broke through the police barriers! I unforunatley did not attend, for the good reason that I am not even in the same continent as London, but I now have access to  Al-Jazeera where they actually bring interviews with the victims. One woman lost 5 daughters  in one blow … la 7awl wala 8owwa 2illa lillah.

However, these protests will achieve nothing if they are not followed up, if they are not built upon with action. The apathy campaigners usually face must disapear. The actual bombardment of Gaza will not last forever, it may only last a week or two, but the effects of this attack will be felt for decades. The poverty, fear, torment and trauma that it will have inflicted on even the youngest Palestinian child will not be cured unless there is a complete change in the situation, and a crucial ingredient in achieving this change is solid, continous campaigning, be it leafletting, letter writing or boycotting.

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  1. “This time, Israel has come closest to total exposure of its true reality, and they will have a hell of a time explaining their bloodlust to the world.” Do they really care?!
    The slaughtering of the 5 daughters caught my eye and I talked about it too. The people seem to be aware that more action is needed following these protests, so that this genocide and uproar of the people will not be in vain, that it will not merely end the attack and have the Gazans sieged again, 3Azmi Bshara explicitly pointed this out in his interview, let’s hope that as many people as possible are aware of this now. unfortunately, this uproad is what should have happened over the escalating conditions following the blockade on Gaza, it’s horrible that it had to come down to this for the people to take action, but let’s hope that at least something will come out of these reactions, as late as it is.

  2. “Do they really care?”
    I would say yes, they want to be accepted in the world and become a part of Europe. therefore the complicincy of the international community is paramount. Once the people of the democratic (ish) countries realise and protest the brutality of zionist state it will make the zionist goals alot harder to accomplish.

    I agree this uproar should have happened ages ago, but it didnt it seems only bombs and scenes of mass destruction mobilises us. That is why I want these imgaes to remain with us to keep the momentum going even after (Inshallah) the current onslaught is over.

  3. Israel continues to show its true colors as Palestinians die.

    The world does nothing as Palestinians die.

    I continue to cry because Palestinians continue to die.
    Number of Operations Iraq Freedom and Enduring Freedom casualties
    as confirmed by U.S. Central Command: 4827

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