We’re Coming back Palestine!

It’s been 60 years since my family were brutally expelled from Palestine, but it might as well be 600 we’re still going back.

6 Responses

  1. inshallah you will. by the way, if you don’t mind, what’s your home town/village in Palestine?

  2. Thanks.

    Is in the vicinity of Yafa/Lydd. I am thinking of making this the subject of the 15/5 blog about palestine day.

  3. incidently this year on the nakba memorial day we will be visiting in the vicinity of Yafa Lydd Ramli Jerusalem, that’s part of the activities that the people in charge hold every year as part of commemorating al-Nakba (it will also be the Solidarity Day with Jerusalem), visiting some encroached villages and towns (qura& modon muhajjara) and getting exposed to their history, along with other activities in which basically university students participate (although this year it coincides with the exams’ period in my uni so we won’t be participating 😦 )

  4. Lucky you 😦 or should I say lucky people who get to visit!

    Isnt that awful? I consider it ‘good’ that people can visit their homeland as basic tourists? This should be something we can take for granted!

  5. yeah i know what you mean, a lot more things that hurt apply only to the palestinian people :(.. but, come visit us here 🙂

  6. True 😦 and thanks for the invite 🙂

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