Yet more Swimwear for the Muslim Woman (yay!)

It seems that there has been an explosion in swimwear suitable for muslim women, since my post which quickly reviewed the Australian (ahiida, approx 65 GBP, UK phone: 0845 052 4686), American (splashgearusa approx 50 GBP w/out p&p VAT custom charges (it worked out to be 100GBP with), which I review here) and turkish suits (hasema), I have come across several other companies which provide similar suits.

A brazilian company acquagym have a nice collection, and they have commented on my blog a few times:


An Emarati company, mycozzie costs about 350 DHs (50 GBP)


A spanish company, Bodykini , costs about 89 euros, about 70 GBP (not sure if you would still pay customs etc. since it is delivered to the UK from an EU country, no info on their website)



It’s great to see so many options. Most of which I could see myself wearing, and which are becoming more affordable 🙂 (ahiida sell for 160GBP in the UK!!!) I am taking my beloved splashgear suit to Dubai on holiday, and shall test it out in the wide open sea.

If any visitors have tried any of these suits, please share your experiences.


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  1. This is amazing! Many of the ladies I know here are so interested in these suits, some of them bought ones right away!
    I have tried (Hasema = hishmah)! I bought it online
    ( ).

    I love it! It is so comfortable! easy to wear and to swim while wearng it! I used it in swimming pools and in the sea…the vest top is water resistant, and it stays loose! The 3 other parts’ material is like any other swimming suit…

    Can’t wait for summer time to swim outdoors 😀

    • Dear sirs i
      I would like to devellop the islamic swimsuit. I need to have minds and the point of view of muslim women about which style sould to be proposed. what could be the ideal product.
      which conditions the product must respect, which conditions must be followed to be pleasant for you?
      which strandars must be respected?
      which cup should attract you?
      i really need to know yours opinions to propose a product adapted to your requirements. I need of maximum of ideas
      thank you best regards

  2. and one more thing to add…

    I just read yr previous post and you complained abt the pants that they became like a baloon or sth…
    well the one I got is not loose fit! I mean it sticks to yr body…and the vest top is loose enough to cover up!

  3. Thanks for stopping by Nido 🙂 and extra thanks for the feedback on the suit… for the readers of the blog her swimsuit is featured in my post on “swimming muslim women”.

    Have you faced any problems from pool lifeguards? and how much did it cost you?

  4. Thanks for this post ! I was considering buying one, but most of the ones I saw ladies wearing were very tight, does this depend on the model, or the size ? I liked the ones by mycozzie the most. what I’m looking for is advice before I order one.can you help, thanks

  5. Thanks for stopping by.

    Well I personally have a splahgear swimsuit (made in the usa) and they are great, i reviewed it in my post “I have an Islamic Swimsuit”. I would recommend it. Check their websie they have pics of how the suit looks like when it is wet.

    Nido (previous commenter) has a hasema one, and from what she says seems really good too.

    I unfortunatley havent tried any of the others, but agree mycozzie looks good, and also bodykini 🙂

  6. Salaams

    You are misinformed about the price of ahiida. Their uk outlet currently retail burqini’s for £65.

    You can call them directly on 0845 052 4686


  7. Asif I’m glad to hear that. It was just the last time I heard from them (maybe 5 months or so ago) they were still retailing at over 100 pounds.

    Thanks 🙂

  8. For anyone following this thread and who hasnt read the ‘reviews of islamic swimsuits’ one yet, I’ve made a few suggestions there for cheaper, yet equally good options available within the UK, hence hardly any waiting time. Please check them out, hope they help with the decision making!

  9. You are welcome sister. It is vital for sisters to get out there and keep active and fit. But the thought of wearing tracksuit bottoms and t-shirts (which a lot have been doing so far, as were my sisters) , put them off swimming; likewise the wrong publicity about the best alternative would do the same.

    Inshallah, this will be a very big success.

  10. You are welcome sister. Yes, you are right, before, when they first launched in the UK, the prices were high. But there seems to be a very big public interest, and its not only just muslims I hear, so i think they were brought them down.

    At least we dont have to pay customs duties or shipping anymore for top international brands!!


  11. Thank you for including my online shop in your review of islamic swimwear. We, at Ruby’z Enterprise, strive to provide affordable yet fashionable and modest swimwear, not just to Muslimahs but to all women in the world. Through our website, we hope to be the center of the ripples; reaching out to more women and bringing joy to their lives.

    Our swimwear (comprising blouse, pants and cap) come in a few distinctive designs and in many colors and prints, and a range of sizes available for teens and adults. They are made from the best Spandex Lycra material which is elastic, chlorine-resistant and does not stick to the skin when wet. Apart from swimming comfortably and modestly, our swimwear also help to protect users from the harmful UV rays of the sun. Now, you can enjoy your water activities peacefully.

    Why is our pricing so affordable?
    This is because the price we offer to international buyers is the same price that our local and regional customers (Singapore, Malaysia nd Brunei) are paying for the premium quality swimwear. Starting price is SGD$50.00 (Singapore Dollars) – about US$30.00 (US Dollars) or GBP£18.00 (Great Britain Pounds) or AUD$39.00 (Australia Dollars).

  12. I bought mycozzie swimwear for my daughter and I. The customer service was absolutekly outstanding and delivery time was next day.
    As fashion concious woman who wears the latest in fashion, I cannot fault mycozzie. It lives up to their reputation of conservative but fashionable swimwear. For those sisters interested you can by online at Im not sure if they have shops.

  13. Have anyone tried acquagymbrazil swimwear ( I really like their designs, especially the headpiece. And about sizing…do you order your regular dress/pant size? I have tried contacting them but there was no response.
    Thanks for your input!

  14. Ghada how bizare that they did nt answer, i only knew of them when they contacted me in response to a post i had. I would hold off ordering from them. I had the same prob with Ahiida, which is why i never ordered their suit, but it turns out they are legit 🙂 but still better safe than sorry! Splashgear are brilliant at getting in touch and are very helpful.

  15. That’s why I am waiting for Um Reem’s review (in the other post) before ordering!I am grateful for the reviews submitted at your website, it helps a lot!

  16. Salaam Aleykum

    Just to let you know, Hijab Swimwear is available from

    International Shipping available


  17. Wa Alykom al-salaam burqini. Thanks for this, I think I have included the link with the review of the burqini 🙂

  18. I have bought so many different suits. The bodykini is a copy of Ahhida. In fact I hate to think of the poor designer being so obviously copied.
    The best suit I like are mycozzie. I have 4 now and can’t wait for the new designs to come out. You can buy online at

  19. I ordered two swimsuits from Muslima Swimwear (Malaysia) I ordered the swimsuits in September/07. I never received my order. I contacted them dozens of times. They responded each time with “Inshallah, we will send the swimsuits this week.” The web site gives the appearance of being an Islamic company. Beware.

  20. Fatima I agree the bodyini is similar to the burqini however I would not go so far as to say there is any ‘stealing’ going on as it is different and a company simply taking a new slant on the swimwear inspired by the burqini.

    Iman Mehai Oh dear! I hope you get reimbursed! I will be updating the site with all this info soon 🙂

  21. “FATIMA: I have bought so many different suits. The bodykini is a copy of Ahhida. In fact I hate to think of the poor designer being so obviously copied.”


    I am so pleased that I have found this blog! It was such a mission finding a decent swimming costume because my friend and I do aqua aerobics every week and the ones that we had before were really uncomfortable and kept floating up and the head piece was always slipping around. My friend bought the ahiida swimsuit and I bought the Bodykini because I liked the sporty look. Both are nice but they are different, the Bodykini is designed and cut differently around the shoulders so it is much more comfortable to wear especially around head as the headpiece doesn’t slip around even when you dive into the water head first! I am definitely pleased that I chose the Bodykini swimsuit.

    As far a “copying” designs goes, I think that that is an unfair comment and if you look at the acquagym brazil suits, it could be said that they are a “copy” of the Bodykini and so on…with this type of product there is a standard form that has to be followed due to the function that needs to be performed by the item, and how each individual designer interprets this is the “innovation” part of the product which will generally show through in the smaller details of the swimsuit such as the cut, style, type of fabric, additional features etc.

    “A spanish company, Bodykini , costs about 89 euros, about 70 GBP (not sure if you would still pay customs etc. since it is delivered to the UK from an EU country, no info on their website)”

    PS. I did not have to pay any customs to the UK when I ordered my Bodykini and the customer service was really good.

  22. Anna Thanks for the revwiew, have included it on the other post ‘reviews of islamic swimsuits’

  23. Salam sister,

    I bought Ahiida swimsuit ( slim fit unfortunatly) when everybody was praising burqini. And I am not pleased with it.
    1) Their trousers are tight so I can’t wear them. I don’t understand how it can be called a modest swimwear if pants are tight? So I had to wear dress trousers instead of burquini’s in the pool . 😦 Luckily I found SPLASHGEAR website and bought swim pants from them. They are really lose and comfortable that’s what I call modest.
    2) Burquini Headpiece( hijhood) are also poorly designed, It makes my head looks ugly and slips back all the time. It is sooo frustrating that I have to wear amira hjab on it. 😦 Also hijhood has stitches that lay right on my ears which causes pain and discomfort in my ears.
    3) Slim fit top a bit short, but with my splashgear pants it looks modest.

    P.S. I saw many Islamic swimsuits online but no one I realy like because all of them have tight pants (except Splashgear :)). Its realy strange.

  24. With choosing the Bodykini my wife’s dilemma on swimwear is solved.

    It is important to me that she is comfortable when we are in the pool. Interesting to see that there are many different styles of modest swimwear on the market.

    For my wife the Bodykini was the solution.
    I love her very much and want to thank Bodykini again for creating a swimsuit that makes her happy.

    Ali Hassan

  25. Muslima wa alykom al salaam, thanks for the feedback.

    Ali thanks for the info!

  26. For those who prefer a more modest look. Do check out our website. Fabric used for our swimwear has LYCRA and similar to those used by branded swimwear. Do not worry about the head cover flipping over when you swim as there are strings made from the same fabric, sticthed to the headcover and a loop at the shoulder area to tie the string to the loop so that it will not ride over when you swim. Same goes to the pants and blouse. So even though it is loose, the blouse will not flip over and show your flesh.

    When you are out of the water, the headcover will cover your chest area and also because the fabric has low water absorbency, it is very light in the water. Try it out. You will definitely love it.

  27. Sorry, the website address is

  28. These are great! Especially the blue one. I’m not a Muslim, but I have problems and don’t like showing my body off in public and when I go swiming, so these are a miracle for me! I’m going abroad soon so I’ll be buying a new one too. 🙂

  29. Most of the muslimah swim wear suppliers are engaged in money ripping .

    Probably, one of the exemption will be the Indonesian brand, ZEHBA which sell their product between 40 to 80 US$ . And the Lycra combination in their swim wear is far better than the rest (19.9%. ). It make their swim wear more comfortable .

    You can buy it online, if you are living in Gulf through

  30. Where can I find the bodykini swimsuit in Singapore? I’m eager to buy one & have fun with my kidz & hubby in the pool!

    • I dont know am afraid, but you could try Rubyzent, they seem to be based in singapore.

      • Yes, I bought mine at Rubyzent Swimwear Online Store ( as theirs are cheaper yet the quality is excellent. I bought the Woman Dark Grey and Blue model. The owner name is Ruby and she is very friendly and helpful. But it took quite sometime to reach me (11 days). But I’m very satisfied as it fits me just nice.

  31. mycozzie is the best out there. I should know as I have tried them all. I agree about the ahiida. Terrible fit and that hoodie thing is funny.

    • Hey, I’m getting my first mycozzie swimsuit this week 🙂 v. excited, so far they have the more aesthetically pleasing swim hoods. Mind you, splashgear have launched a new hood, that has 3 panels and hence not so fish like 🙂

      thanks for stopping by!

  32. Hi I am coming to Malasia, where can I find a full swimsuit

  33. Hi pls refer me to a supplier of ladies swimwear for Muslim ladies in Malaysia

  34. MyCozzie rocks……!!!!!!! Theyre gorgeous!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! They sell them in Dubai and online. The customer service is amazing. They even delivered same day as ordering. I now have 3 suits and I mix and match the tops to the pants and hoodie it gives me so much flexibility and my kids think I look great. Off to Atlantis this weekend!!! Thankyou mycozzie x

    • MyCozzie has been getting great reviews on this blog (I really must update the entries). Just a little question, have you had any problems wearing them in pools in the UAE? i.e. any nasty lifeguard experiences?

  35. Have used my various types of swimwear, including MyCozzie, in UAE and have had no issues at all. Went to Atlantis last weekend, and saw all types of different styles. Atlantis even sells a special line from MyCozzie that has different colors than you can’t find online. The only thing about MyCozzie that you have to be careful about is that the lighter colors become see-through when wet. They fit great, and look cute, but my husband about went ballistic when I emerged from the water with a navy/light blue mixed outfit… most of it was light blue, and you could see straight through to my skin and the color of my underpants. My daughter has one that is light pink and white, and it is useless because of the color transparency. Go for the darker colors and you will be good to go!!

  36. Hi ladies, where can one buy them in Dubai except for the Atlantis where i have seen them?
    any specific shops?

  37. I may not be a muslim but I have always been uncomfortable showing as much skin as most swim suits show (even the one-piece!) so these type of swim suits look ideal for me.

  38. Reblogged this on Style to Inspire and commented:
    Apparently there is local brand “Zehba”, find it on the comments. Brands to be considered Mycozziee, Rubyzent (Made in Singapore, cheap&good quality), Bodykini (it’s good shape on your head), Splashgear (good shape when get wet)

  39. Hi! Would you mind if I share your blog with my zynga
    group? There’s a lot of folks that I think would really appreciate your content. Please let me know. Thanks

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