Blatant call for the ethnic cleansing of Gaza

This was forwarded to me today… the title is “Evacuate Gazans so IDF can attack”. Basically Ehub Barak is planning on

“evacuating thousands of residents of Gaza to locations in the south of the strip to enable the IDF to attack terror infrastructure without hurting civilians”.

Not a very clever play with words, even a monkey would realise this is just stage II in the ethnic cleansing of Gaza, in their plan to destroy anything and everything that the Palestinians built up (in spite of the oppressive occupation), oh yes and they think everyone is so thick that they will buy this feeble attempt at wrapping it all in humane terminology.

Further in the article:

The ministers also decided that it would coordinate with various elements, including Egypt, in order to weaken the Hamas government without creating a humanitarian crisis.

but they will cut off fuel, destroy the only power generator (thus creating a clean water/sewage/crops crisis), block shipments of food, medicine etc. and basically incarcerate and starve the Palestinians till they die or beg to leave. without creating a humanitarian crisis my foot. They are already in full swing of one. (also note expectation of Arab collaboration).


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  1. It is just plain old crimes against humanity that is going on in Palestine, there is no other words or names for it.
    Number of Operations Iraq Freedom and Enduring Freedom casualties as confirmed by U.S. Central Command: 4437

  2. I know… but just wait and see how many people buy this story *sigh*

  3. A letter from a mother in Gaza to a mother in Sderot

    “I spoke with him a little, but when he sees me he begins to cry. This is difficult for a child’ the situation in Sderot in general is very difficult, and I do not know how we can continue, how we can stay in the city.”

    I can’t say a thing but to agree as a mother with you about the traumatic event that your child has to experience, I also can’t deny that it is a fact that life becomes so difficult in such circumstances when you realise that you are endangered in any moment, I fully understand your worries, your feelings and concerns. I am addressing these words to you to understand my pain too.

    The above quoted words are Rima’s, Yossi’s mother who’s injured in Sderot by the fragment of a rocket that hits the area where he was passing, I thought poor him as well as poor the Palestinian children who face not only the F16, but also the apaches, the IDF brutal operations in Gaza. Poor they because they can not have the excellent treatment that your son have. My children can not have the chance to hide, they can not have the alarm to tell them that there is a strike coming and they should find a shelter to hide. My children can’t find the comfort your son found, nor can they find the love and care because all of their family might be targeted in one strike; they might witness the death of their parents, or any of their dear family as the Palestinians are targeted every where even in their homes, among their children.

    My children can not find the counselling that your child will have to over come this appalling experience; they have to keep their pain inside them, and recall it day after day, have in their dreams, and suffer from the bad reactions of such an experience.

    My children are not children any more, they lost their innocence and forced to be like grown up so they can protect themselves, they don’t have to cry and to complain to their parents because they realized that it will not be the first time to shed their tears, and to show their pain, they realized that they have to learn how to swallow their pain, and be by their own.

    My children can’t seek the love and relief from their parents because they explore the fears inside their parents, because they can feel that even them as adults need comfort and security.

    When your child is sick or even injured he has the chance to go to the best hospital to receive treatment while my children have to live with their pain and injuries because they will not have the chance to go to a good hospital to receive better treatment, their childhood will not recommend them to facilitate their treatment in Israel. Therefore, they have to swallow their pain, and count their days, waiting the end. They also learnt how to face death fearlessly, because they are hoping to find justice and a better life up in the heaven.

    While your child can have his medical care and vaccination on time, and have the chance of a healthy life and while he can enjoy his new school books, my children can not, these privileges are prohibited, as the borders are closed and nothing is allowed to enter Gaza, They have to use old, disreputable books. They also have to risk the chance of having an infection because they don’t have their vaccination on due time.

    My children have to face cold in winter and the burning sun in summer because of the electricity cuts, they can not enjoy sitting in front of the electronic heater, nor can they enjoy the fan on summer.
    While you as a mother can plan of her child future, and enjoy this, I can not because unlike your child, my child is locked in a place called Gaza, and he can not dream of having the chance to receive a better education outside Gaza.

    While you as a mother give your child all the promises of a better life, I can give my child these guarantees, simply because we are both eligible to die in any moment by an Israeli strike, without any plans, dreams, nothing.

    After all do you think that my children deserve that pain only because they are of Palestinian parents, or because they live in Gaza? Do you think it is fair to treat them this way, is it fair to be subjected to the sanctions that your government imposed on us? Hope you understand my pain too.

  4. Dear Najwa,

    That was a very powerful message, very heartbreaking. I hope that something will happen to ease your suffering, or better yet free you from this brutal occupation.

    Thank you for stopping by.



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