Attitudes towards ‘Islamic’ swimwear for women

Am forwarding this survey to the masses

“Recently there has been an advent in so called ‘Islamic swimwear’, which is basically swimwear targeted at Muslim Women. Examples of these are the ahiida ‘burqini’ and the splashgear surfer inspired suit, as well the Turkish Hasema swimwear This survey is designed to gauge the attitudes of Muslims and Non-Muslims alike towards such swimwear, as well the the varying opinions between Men and Women.

This new swimwear has gained media interest through the ahiida ‘burqini’ (in Australia) and Manal Omars recent unfortunate experience at the David Lloyd sports centre in Oxford [view Guardian article here]

Please answer the questions in this survey, having first visited the websites of Ahiida, Splashgear and Hasema.”

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26 Responses

  1. I’ll admit when I saw the pictures above, I felt sorry for these women. Swimming comes with a feeling of freedom, and somehow it looks like they are about to go deep sea diving. Then I read the Guardian article and felt angry at the man who singled Manal out. What harm is she doing him ? Could it be he was sitting there to stare at scantily clad women, and she did not measure up ? Disgusting, If I was her, I would find a good lawyer, and sue.

    I went to an English school when I was a kid. there was this one teacher Ms Johnson who whenever I would do something wrong would tell me: “That behaviour may be OK where you come from, but not here”. I was a child and misbehaving, but why blame my entire culture ?

  2. Haven’t they heard of closed swimming pools?

  3. Hani thanks for the comment. I liked how you changes your attitude πŸ™‚ honestly I thought these outfits may be a bit clumsy to swim in. But I recently bought the splashgear one, and I forgot I had it on πŸ™‚ sooo comfortable.

    Khaled thanks for the visit πŸ™‚ but haven’t you heard that the entire world does not cater for Muslim women?

  4. I think they look so cool, but what about us brothers? After all, we are supposed to cover from the navel to the knees, and even long shorts don’t really do that.

  5. Yakoub Islam thanks for visiting, glad you think they are cool. Long shorts for men… well, they do exist, surfer shorts? am sure below knee versions exist πŸ™‚

  6. I would think closed pools would be better. I wouldn’t think anyone could swim much in those.

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  7. I like the idea. But for some reason the swimwear is going out of its context of maintaining modesty and covering. We’re back to .. how much can you get away with before someone shouts… HARAAAM

  8. Ted well, people can swim in surf shorts and in surf shirts… these dont absorb water i.e. it doesnt weigh you down when wet.

    Ola am on it

    qwaider people cry out haraam for wearing bright colours, looking the wrong way, wearing trousers, eating icecream or skittles. the question is not what people will let you get away with, but what you think is acceptable.

  9. OMG, that really got on my nerves, the article i mean, how dare that backward bigot poke his nose into others’ business?! but that makes me think, maybe he’s really mentally retarded, i mean, why would someone swimming in a pool want to get into this and draw attention to themselves? but then again, why would that newspaper give him attention unless they are full of hatred? it reminds me of an article i read somewhere, about racist (this should include those who discriminate against others who are not like them) people having low iq.

  10. lol, maybe he did, and the paper was certainly no better! what happened to unbiased reporting?

  11. I have read the articles and all the comments in this page. In my point of view, if the women feel well wearing this type of swimsuit is ok,,, if nobody is forcing them to use it is fine. Nobody has the right to offend,, we must respect other religions and try to understand them.
    10 years ago i went to the uk, it was my first journey alone, i came back with 12 kg more,, in summer,, and stop going to the beach where all my friends were wearing nice bikinis,,, just for being fat…sometimes we criticized muslim women thinking that they are forced to wear this type of dresses,, however we do not think that we force our women to be fit and look well in small bikinys…i was an adolescent and i didnt enjoy the beach just for that reason…

  12. Thanks for your feedback Magda πŸ™‚ Glad you can appreciate that not only religious belief would make a woman wish to wear such swimsuits, but also some non-muslims would feel comfortable covering up a bit more… not all are body confident as it were πŸ™‚

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  14. that was a really good article, I’ve read of similar such observations from muslims that have spent time in the US Vs. Europe and even australia

  15. Hi,
    I am in the process of buying a swim suit – I turned 29 this year and do not know how to swim because of my reservations for the western style swim suit. And make no mistakes, I was raised in a very Muslim culture, and ended up in USA for education and now work. I do not wear a hijab but refuse to define my freedom by the extent of skin I am willing expose. I feel sorry for the people who think making a choice of modesty automatically categorizes me as “suffering” or in captivity of some kind. It is a conscious choice – thats all.

    I welcome this swimwear – I am glad to hear its comfortable and does not affect performance.

  16. Hello Sadia,

    I’m glad you welcome this swimwear, the more ladies who wear them the more they will become part of the norm. I dont get why people are opposed to them in the first place, and agree that exposed skin = freedom. I always though choice= freedom πŸ™‚

  17. I am a British convert living in Algeria, North Africa. I have always loved the beach and especially swimming in the sea. I have tendonitis and swimming is one of the only forms of exercise I can do without too much discomfort. When I decided to wear the hijab earlier this year, this was one of my concerns. However, a friend introduced me to the idea of these swimsuits so I ordered a couple from different companies to try them out. They were great, and I too, forgot I was wearing it, I was having too much fun in the waves!
    Even in a 98% muslim country, the swimming pools have women sessions with male lifeguards so swimming is not easy!! I now feel liberated rather than incapsulated as I can continue enjoying the beach as I did before. No only that but I have discovered in these suits protection from the sun and jelly fish!!!!!! LOL
    The other important issue is that they are much safer than a burqa which is very heavy and the waves can drag you under more easily.
    I say thank you to the designers of these suits and pray Allah accepts our attempts to enjoy the beauty he has created whilst maintaining our values.

  18. hi, i live in a country where muslims and christains leave in harmony , and i know i can comfortably wear my burqini where ever i go. if it was me, i would get offended by the way the guy spoke to you, but i won’t take it further cos i pity the guy, i would pray to Allah to guide him, otherwise..they think exposing there body is freedom” SAD. why get upset over people like that…really, they r to be pitied

    • true, I mean the person it happened to was not me, but I can totally understand how she felt, especially as she was probably the only person who was wearing such a suit.

  19. I like the swinsuit , it looks really comfortable. But, I agree with some of the comments ( it would be better to swim in a closed swimming pool.)

  20. Tehreem thanks for commenting πŸ™‚ women only swimming pools are great. but very rarely available unfortunatley. I feel that these swimsuits give us the freedom to choose where to swim, and also to enjoy beach/pool visits with the whole family.

  21. YAA Adding this to my bookmarks. Thank You

  22. I tried one swimsuit and had very good feedback about it. It is liberating as the extra space, it being loosely designed.. addresses the freedom issues raised above.. Here’s the link to see:

    Modest Islamic Swimwear and Hijab

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