You are now entering the twilight zone a.k.a. Palestine

In June 2006 this aricle was published in Prospects Magazine, it is an interview with Osama Hamden, of Hamas, conducted by Alastair Crooke, this quote is of interest (you need to be subscribed for the full article I am afraid):

the US is seeking to build a militia of 3,500 men around the office of the Palestinian president, Mahmoud Abbas, to enlarge the presidency staff and to channel as much of the expenditure and work of the government as possible through the presidency. The US aims to create a shadow government centred around the president and his Fatah party as a counterpoint to a financially starved Hamas-led government—which will, US officials hope, prove ineffective and wither. Officials associated with Vice-President Cheney’s office talk
openly with Fatah visitors about the desirability of mounting a “soft coup”
that will restore the more pliant Fatah to power on the back of a humanitarian crisis.”

at the time, I thought ‘whatever, this is conspiracy theories gone too far, the Palestinians have something very strong to unite them, their collective opposition to the occupation, they will see straight through this’. Unfortunatley, exactly one year after the publication of aforementioned article:

The leader of Fatah, President Mahmoud Abbas, is due to swear in an interim Prime Minister, Salam Fayyad, to lead an emergency government after his predecessor was dismissed. (source: BBC )

Hamas, overwhelmingly elected in a 2006 parliament vote, denounced Abbas’ move as a coup. (source: Associated Press )

added note: Robert Fisks’ latest article is definitely worth a read

another note: this blogger has a rather good analyses of the situation.

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  1. hyeeee so loolt = to the point ?! 😀 good to know 😛

    really about what is going on …. i always thought that Hamas is the best option for palestinians after all what they suffer from their government but I wish things didn’t end up this way 😦 w allah yostor meen elle jaay …

  2. Off-topic:
    Your skills are needed to answer this question


  3. SimSim 9abaa7 al-5air 🙂 great to have on my blog 🙂

    Allah yostor fi3lan.

    qwaider response has been duly left 🙂

  4. […] before the attempted Fatah coup of Gaza (and really it is the work of a few individuals) that the USA was arming a bunch of men in order to act as Abbas’ personal army. Israel’s actions do not surpise me, not even the attitude of the USA. But why has the […]

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