بسم الله الرحمن الرحيم


In the name of God the Most Merciful))

يارَبْ سَاعدْني عَلى أن أقول كَلمة الحَقّ في وَجْه الأقويَاء

Oh Lord, help me say the word of truth even in front of those stronger then me


وأن لا أقول البَاطل لأكْسبْ تَصْفيق الضعَفاء

and not to say that which is false just to gain the cheers of those who are weak


وَأن أرَى الناحَية الأخرْى مِنَ الصّوَرة

and to always see both sides of the story


وَلا تتركنْي أتّهِم خصْومي بِأنّهمْ خَونه لأنهّم اخْتلفوا مَعي في الرأي

and dont let me accuse my peers of treachory just because they disagreed with me


يارَبْ إذا أعطيتني مَالاً فلا تأخذ سَعادتي

Oh Lord, if you give me money do not take away my hapinnes


وإذا أعَطيتني قوّة فلا تأخذ عّقليْ


 and if you give me strength do not take away my mind (common sense


وإذا أعَطيتني نجَاحاً فلا تأخذ تَواضعْي

and if you give me success do not take away my modesty


وإذا أعطيتني تواضعاً فلا تأخذ اعتزازي بِكرامتي

and if you give me modesty do not take away my self esteem


يارَبْ عَلمّنْي أنْ أحبّ النَاسْ كَما أحبّ نَفسْي

Oh Lord, teach me to love others as I love myself


وَعَلّمني أنْ أحَاسِبْ نَفسْي كَما أحَاسِبْ النَاسْ

and teach me to judge myself as I judge others


وَعَلّمنْي أنْ التسَامح هَو أكْبَر مَراتب القوّة

and teach me that forgiveness is the highest form of strength


وَأنّ حبّ الانتقام هَو أولْ مَظاهِر الضعْفَ.


and that love of revenge is the first sign of weakness


يارَبْ لا تدعني أصَاب بِالغرور إذا نَجَحْت

Oh Lord, do not allow me to become arrogant if I succeed

وَلا باليأس إذا فْشلت

or depressed if I fail


بَل ذكّرني دائِـماً أن الفَشَل هَو التجَارب التي تسْـبِق النّجَاح.

but remind me always that failure is the experience that precedes success


يارَبْ إذا جَرَّدتني مِن المال فاتركْ لي الأمل

Oh Lord, if you take away all my money leave me with hope

وَإذا جَرّدتني مِنَ النجَّاح فاترك لي
قوّة العِنَاد حَتّى أتغلب عَلى الفَشل

and if you deny me all success then leave me the strength of obstinance that will allow me to overcome my failures


وَإذا جَرّدتني مَن نعْمة الصَّحة فاترك لي نعمة الإيمان.

and if you deny me health then leave me the blessing of faith


يارَبْ إذا أسَأت إلى الناس فَاعْطِني شجَاعَة الاعتذار

Oh Lord, if I have wronged others then give me the courage to apologise


وإذا أسَاء لي النَّاس فاعْطِنْي شجَاعَة  العَفْوَ

and if others wrong me give the courage to forgive


وإذا نَسيْتك يَارَبّ أرجو أن لا تنسَـاني مَنْ عَفوِك وَحْلمك

and if I forget you, Oh Lord, please do not deny me your forgiveness and mercy


فأنت العَظيْم القَـهّار القَادِرْ عَـلى كُـلّ شيء

For you are the greatest, most able


10 Responses

  1. Amen

    Beautiful, sincere, deep, thoughtful, kind and pure.

  2. amin ya rab el 3alamin
    it’s the first for me on your blog, and i love it…really, i was searching for nothing and i found the truth… thinks, walah thinks : ces paroles m’ont fait du bien.

  3. My deepest apologies for the delay in my response!

    Qwaider: 🙂

    Duried: glad you like it… I found it to be very serene

    angelus: I am glad you like it and thank you for stopping by! Have visited your blog, but unfortunatley my french is non-existent 😦

  4. Amen!! It’s the first time I see this Du’a in English, did u translate it yourself? ya36eeky el3afyeh!

  5. Ameen ya Rabi,

    Sister, jazak Allah Khair for the Dua. It was just what I need, as if you read my mind.

  6. ola Allah 2ijazeeki bil-5air. I did my best to translate 🙂 but any suggestions on improving the translation are welcome 🙂

    gess firstly, welcome to my blog 🙂 secondlay Allah 2ijaazeek bil-5air. I found it spoke right to my heart too.

  7. Tks comes in its time. They’re very comforting.

  8. You’re welcome RR, glad you found it comforting 🙂

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