No more charity for Palestinians!!

Natwest, a British bank has withdrawn banking facilities from Interpal a UK based charity focused on alleviating poverty among Palestinians. Having been a target by the Zionist lobby, they have been investigated twice (1996 & 2003) by the UKs charity commission, which has effectively given them a clean bill of health. Now this.

 Now we learn that NatWest has withdrawn banking facilities from Interpal. We spoke to one of the trustees of Interpal and he believed that this decision was linked to a US court ruling that the families of Israeli victims of suicide bombings could sue the bankers of those alleged to have links with Hamas. Talk about long shots! (MPACUK website)

shocking, isnt it? USA decides a Palestinian charity are bad guys, Britain disagrees, but the British bank that holds the charities account is forced to withdraw banking facilities.

like i said shocking …


6 Responses

  1. You know I dont find it shocking at all, it’s outrageous for sure, but typical, very typical of them!

  2. Nice blog!

  3. Thanks, always good posts on your blog!

  4. Ola
    apologies for the extermely late reply! I have been rather busy recently. I agree it is not unexpected… but our lack of shock is in itself shocking.

    Livette apologies to you too for late reply! Thanks

  5. DesktopJunk

    Thanks and sorry for late reply 😦

  6. […] their website they have an online shop too. I also had a quick chat with the Interpal stall, Natwest is still freezing their accounts and they have simply moved to another […]

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