Weight Gain–not just for greedy sloths

A few years ago American filmaker Morgan Spurlock released his epic documentary Supersize Me, in which he embarked on a month long McDonald’s frenzy, accepting supersize option whenever it was offered him. He reduced his daily exercise to that of the ‘average american’, which as it turns out is quite slothful. He gained over 9 kilos, suffered psychological as well as physical problems, and was strongly advised by the doctors monitoring him to stop his experiment as he was causing serious and irreversible to his body, especially his kidney.fluffy.gif

Motivated by this, a researcher in the Swedish Linkoping University, Fredrik Nystrom, conducted a similar but more extensive study. Newscientist released some of the results he obtained from his experiment into the affects of eating ONLY fast food, doubling their calorie intake (5000 for women and 6000 for men).

The results were very interesting, as it turns out some participants had a resistance to weight gain, with some gaining muscle instead of fat, and with very few feeling ‘bad’ about themselves. Shockingly (for me anyways) was the fact that they had such a tough time reaching their daily calorie intake :d they should have asked me for advice… simply mosa5an and kinafa daily will do it :d

It turns out that some people are more efficient at converting food into energy, these people literally sweated off the excess calories they were consuming, and frequently complained about being hot. These are people assumed to have dominant charactristics for surviving in cold climates (lucky gits!).

For the article click here: Supersize me: no surprises

4 Responses

  1. Masakhan and Kanafeh are not junk food! You take that back … take it back right now! 🙂

    I guess some people have higher metabolism than others. While some bodies are “collectors” some bodies are “wasters” so a collector in these times is storing too much fat!

  2. taken… but it would have helped with their daily calorie intake 😀

    yep, so we can once again blame genetics on being fat 🙂

  3. Yeah, and on being lazy!

  4. ah heaven :d

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