lets prepare for the arab summit

Translation: preparations for the Arab Summit…. classic hajjaj 😀

11 Responses

  1. Prepare for nothing.

  2. lol so cynical :d

    thanx for stopping by 🙂

  3. While little kids are playing… at least the “Adults” are watching!

    So true, but so humiliating

  4. humiliating = understatement

    it;s worse, because we know it is happening, yet even the general population succumb to it. grrr

  5. Just want to say hi TTP 🙂

  6. isn’t the term “arab summit” kind of an oxymoron when you think about it

  7. Hey amjad, welcome to the site 🙂 I checked your blog hoping for a clue as to which mahjoobi you are… no luck 😦 so spill the beans 😀

  8. mo I thought about it, but cannot see anything self-contradictory… unleees you mean it isnt the arabs that are summitting :p

  9. hmm .. well maybe i was the only one who thought of it that way lol .. but here’s what i meant .. the word summit itself means the peak or the highest point right .. think about it in arabic “qimmeh 3arabiyeh” .. and yet think of what actually goes on at these summits .. the whole thing is a joke .. so if the highest point is such a pathetic joke .. so it’s an oxymoron .. yes? no? i don’t know lol i just think calling it a “qimmeh” is kind of ironic.

  10. unless they mean qimmit il fashal then there’s nothing ironic about it 😀

  11. ah, i sees what you are getting at 🙂

    by relating arab to low ‘arab summit’ becomes an oxymoron.

    got it 😉

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