child abuse… why?

Dont people realise that there are people in this world desperate for a child? who put themsleves through the painful and undignified process of fertility treatment just for a baby?

Then others are handed children on a plate and do this to them.

The little girl had boiling water poured over her hands, had huge clumps of hair ripped from her head.

She was also kicked so hard in the groin she suffered internal injuries, was locked naked in the toilet each night and forced to eat her own faeces.

the girl is 4, and this was done to her by her parents, she also suffers cerebral palsey.

A fact that I find absolutley shocking, published by the NSPCC is that each week a child will be killed by a parent or carer!!!!!

But why do people do this? why abuse a child? this is not even a case of ‘fit of range’, this was cold, calculated torture of the only person that will love them unconditionally after their own parents…

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  1. Oh
    This is extremely sad… how can any human being do this to a child????
    Ya rabbi, this is too much, walahi I’m out of words, I feel so sick just reading it, lock her, kick her, bunch her, and abuse her like that…

  2. It’s sooooooooo sad… I swear I couldn’t hold my tears.
    There is absolutely no excuse for making a child suffer, even if it was just emotionally. This is 7aram … … 7araaaaam! 😥

  3. God bless you for your heart for the abused little ones. I got to visit the Dar il Aman a while back and met some of the little ones whose parents torture them.

    To me it is further proof that the nature of man, left unchecked, is evil beyond belief.

  4. **** **** ****!
    **** stupid parents!!

    sorry for the language

  5. maioush I know, it is beyond belief… and if someone had told me about this I would have thought it was an urban legend or something… but this is REAL 😦

    Qwaider I know, no excuses… it was premeditated torture of a baby…

    kinziblogsThat is wonderful that you visited them… i dont think I could 😦 but is it the nature of man that is evil? since I cannot (refuse) to believe that we would all descend to sadistic torturers given half a chance 😦

    moey I know where you are coming from.

  6. Child abuse is an evil crime. The one who acts upon it must be punished for it. Allaahu Musta’aan. May Allaah protect our children from such evil acts.

  7. Inshallah.

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