Budget Meals for One

Thought I would share some of the easy recipes I used during my uni days, many rely on frozen foods and rice. Meat can be replaces/not used, and extra veggies can be added to suit palate/what is in fridge.

Chicken peas and rice

Can be made vegetarian: no chicken, and swap chicken stock with vegetable stock cubes


  1. 1/2 onion.
  2. 1 chicken breat
  3. 1 chicken stock dissolved in 1/2 pint hot water.
  4. 1 tin chopped tomatoes
  5. salt
  6. allspcie
  7. oil
  8. 2 cups frozen peas
  9. 1/2 cup basmati or long grain rice.

Method (sauce):

  1. chop chicken into cubes
  2. chop onion into small pieces
  3. heat oil in pan and add onions
  4. stir till tender.
  5. add chicken and stir till it all changes colour.
  6. add tin of tomatoes
  7. add salt and allspice
  8. add stock mixture
  9. when boiling switch to low heat and add peas.
  10. will be ready in 1/2 hour in the meantime make the rice.

Method (rice):

  1. chuck rice in small pan
  2. cover with 1 cup cold water
  3. sprinkle a bit of salt
  4. put onto a moderate flame
  5. cover
  6. should be ready in 15 min.

Toast mana2eesh


  1. 2 slices of toast
  2. olive oil
  3. za3tar


  1. preheat grill to maximum
  2. smear oil onto pieces of bread
  3. generously add the za3tar
  4. put under gril for 2 to 3 min.

Pitta Pizza:


  1. 2 pieces of pitta bread
  2. ketchup
  3. cheap pitted black olives, 6
  4. 2 mushrooms
  5. 1/2 green pepper
  6. oregano
  7. grated cheese… mozeralla or cheap cheddar


  1. preheat oven to 200 celcius
  2. smear ketchup onto both pieces of bread
  3. finely chop mushrooms and pepper
  4. halve the olives
  5. add mushrooms, olives and pepper to bread
  6. sprinkle oregano
  7. cover in cheese
  8. put in oven for 20 min

Ma’loobi is a traditional middle eastern dish, and is thus desgined to feed a million people, getting it to taste ‘right’ when making it in small quantities took some work 🙂


  1. 1/2 aubergine (cubed) or some cauliflower
  2. 3 pieces of lamb, or 1 chopped chicken breast (or 2 chicken legs)
  3. allspice, and salt
  4. oil
  5. 1 cup of rice (basmati/long grain)


  1. Heat oil in small pan
  2. fry the aubergine/cauliflour in pan (not frying), remove from pan and set aside.
  3. in same panfry the meat/chicken till COOKED, may need to fillet them (i.e. bash them withwooden spoon till flattish), remove and set aside
  4. we’re sticking with the same pan (lazy guide too!), sprinkle some rice onto the botton, then chuck in veggie and meat, add rest of rice.
  5. In jug, dissolve stock cube in 1 pint water, then add to pan.
  6. add the salt and allspice too.
  7. put onto moderate heat and cook for 20 min. If rice is cooked, eat and enjoy.

best served with yoghurt and a salad.

10 Responses

  1. damn it, now I am hungry!

  2. You made me hungry too walahi ya Laila 😀
    Thank you dear, for me anything has to do with cooking is useful 😀 since I don’t really know how to cook LOOOOOOOL.
    Al mana2eesh is my favorite, Yummy 😀

  3. I’m making Mansaf 😉 nana nana 🙂

  4. Really nice and easy recipes!!! thanks for sharing!
    God i should cook soon..and when or if i do, i will post my recipes too!

  5. Thanks for these! I always wondered what happened to those poor tetas when they didn’t have a crowd to feed as it seems the spices go in by the handful!

  6. Maioush glad you liked them 🙂 I was always messing up when i started cooking, but eventually you get the hang of it… survivalist instinct 😀

    Qwaider sa7taiiin! mansaf ma3 jameed or laban knock off 😉

    summer I look forward to your recipes 🙂

    kinziblogs LOOOOL!!! I guess i need not worry about my teta days (if they ever matriliase!).

  7. MashaAllaah this very beneficial!

  8. glad you find it so 🙂

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