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I was reminded of this by a recent blogger’s post

Interesting Guardian article on the rise of swimwear for muslim women

I have been wearing a head scarf for a few years now, but have always dressed modestly, and have not gone swimming in mixed company in many many years. While I was in the middle east this did not bother me, my favourite sport is swimming, but they catered for everyone there, swimming pools had women only times, and we even had a women’s only beach. It was not until I came to the UK that I began to miss this sport, as I have yet to come across a ‘real’ women’s only swimming session. They do exist, but often with male lifegaurds and windows overlooking the pool. So I was pleased to discover a range of modest swimwear, originally marketted in Turkey, they look nice enough, but seem rather cumbersome, Hasema has a nice range :

hasema swimwear

I never tried them, but then I came across an australian company which manufactures sportswear for the muslim woman (as they say): Ahiida swimwear. Their suits seemed trendier and looked like they provided ease of movement, however their suits cost 175 australian dollars (about 60 pounds, 70 JDs), and they are not available in the UK 😦 and I would need to try them on first. Their products are also made from low water absorbent fast drying material, so they wont stick to your body… an issue many muslim women would be concerned about.


if anyone reading this knows of a UK retailer PLEASE give me a heads up 🙂


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  1. You know something? over here in the US, there are a few women only pools that I know of additionally a bunch of Islamic centers also started including these even some Hindu and Sikh temples has them
    Apparently, some women hate to be out on display in the meat market, and that’s on the rise (my personal observation).

    But yeah, those look really nice, some women I know opted to use full body wetsuits .. they look exactly like hijab with the hood on.

    Now, you have no excuse not to practice your favorite sport 🙂

  2. yes i still have an excuse… i cant buy them 😦 they are not available here and I wont odrer from ahiida online as all my queries have gone unheeded, so they havent really instilled enough trust for me to hand over 65 quid! Patience I believe is my only option 🙂

    I know alot of women do not feel very comfortable wearing regular swimsuits in front of men, maybe self concious or simply prefer men not to see them, in fact the Guardian article hinted that maybe even non muslim women will wear them 🙂

  3. but then when they’re wet they would stick sa7?… well at least its good to know they can have fun and swim even if they r wearing the veil, women’s swimming pools is a good idea for women who dont like wearing ordinary swim suits infront of men i guess…

  4. ah, that is the trick, they are made from low water absorbent material, so they dont stick so much.

    Women’s pools are the best, but are almost never available outside the middle east. This also means that families can go to the beach, and the mum and older daughters can have fun too 🙂

  5. Oh come on.. women aren’t sexy unless in bikinis!

  6. moey lol 😀 and hence we wear the unsexy burqini (what a daft name!)

  7. Well what is the fun if you are going to be all covered, i mean that in a nice way if you are looking for this why dont you look it up on ebay perhaps. And to answer another question islam as we all know is not respected as well as it should be, and having an all women pool is another dream here in america we are all treated equally and i dont think that men are that perverted so wear your suit and shut up.

  8. I was at the GPU at Excel London over the weekend. Burqini was there and we bought two of them!! I think they are here in the UK now 🙂

  9. I know I was there 🙂 but i already had my splashgear one.

  10. In fact, all of the swim suites are made of fast drying materials like ealstine or its variants.

    But I agree that some of them dry faster than others which depends upon the technical factors of the base material like Elastine or its composition in swim suites.

    But why should we pay more for a label “Made in Australia” alone if we have other options?

    I have been using ZEHBA swim suites for a while and found they are reasonably priced and offer a variety of options. They are from Indonesia and available here in United Arab Emirates.


  11. Salaams

    To sister Yani’s comment about it being too expensive, I would like to say this. I bought mine for £65 in the UK as well and it is not such a bad price to pay considering the fact that speedo swimming costumes go for about £45 and dont even cover half as much as the burqini does.

    Definitely worth the investment 🙂


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  15. i what to swimming muslim women can you tall me were is swimming pool pl

  16. Reblogged this on Style to Inspire and commented:
    Looking for sporty look swimsuit, I think it’s hard to find in Indonesia 😦

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