of faith and science

So, like I said, I am an aspiring muslim cosmologist. One the one hand I believe in a creator, on the other I am looking for ‘creator free’ theories of the universe… what on earth am I on u may wonder

Well, the Quran does encourage us to seek knowledge, and blessed are those who consider the origins of the earth and the heavens (I am sure this is right, but I need to check on which verse this appears in.. I will update this bit later).

Another point, why do people assume that the more we uncover about the history of our universe, the more God is challenged? I think that the anyone who thinks that must have a pretty weak faith to start with.

I believe God exists, and the He is our creator. How He got from A to B (i.e. the beginning of the universe to now) is unclear. The Quran offers clues and some details, but by and large the technicalities are left up to us to unravel. I do not think that He has some sort of factory production line for each individual quark that exists. I believe that Allah (God) in His infinite superiority to us, is also infinitley more imaginative than we are, and why wouldnt He create a seemless way to create the universe and what is within it?

No, I am just exploring what is out there, specifically, the history of what is out there. So far, what cosmologists have found is 100% inline with what it says in the Quran.

A perfect example of a scientific miracle of the Quran where cosmology is concerened, is on the expansion of the universe. When Einstein first wrote down his theory of general relativity, he found that his equations predicted an expanding universe. At the time, the accepted assumption was that the universe was static, and based on this scientifically unmotivated opinion, Einstein introduced a constant to counteract the expansion predicted my his equations. Only a few years after this, Edwin Hubble proved that contrary to popular belief the universe was in fact expanding, and Einstein erased the constan from his equations..

Know this, the above evens happened in the early 20th century… yet a verse in the Quran, revealed to Mohammed 1,400 yrs before einstein and hubble stated clearly that the universe was expanding:47

this translates as: and we built the heavns and verily we are expanding them.

2 Responses

  1. I’m a little bit skeptic of expanding, static, contracting, ever expanding, accelerating expanding universe being finalized at any point. And I don’t think relating that directly to a Quranic verse is a wise idea.
    For all we know, the universe is moving, but might not necessarily be expanding. Maybe particles are moving in all directions like water in a balloon, and that we haven’t examined all possibilities yet.
    Anyway, I don’t think faith and science contradict, and quite frankly I’m getting too embarrassed of commenting on all your articles. But I’m both proud and impressed, and like them all.
    (I just realized that I’ve been discussing cosmology with an actual cosmologist… so -pardon- any ignorance there, but seriously cosmology happens to be one of my most favorite subjects EVER)

  2. You bring up some interesting points! Something I will think about, and respond to in another blog entry.

    Thanks so much for ur nice comments, I am glad you are enjoying my blog 🙂

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