intelligent design vs. evolution

Right now that my thesis is on ice, there are a few things that I am thinking about…

I recently watched a BBC documentary called ‘War on Science’ which looked at the recent court case in the USA, where parents of schoolchildren in Dover took the school board to court for wanting to introduce the idea of creationism as taught in the Book of Genesis into the science class. It then went on to examine the scientific evidence for darwinism, and the argument moved from creationism to evidence for intelligent design .

Apparently, in his seminal work ‘On the Origin of Species’, Darwin specified that should an organism be found that could not be broken down into working smaller components, then his theory broke down.

One of the proponents for intelligent design cited the flagellum as an example of this… apparently the components which together cause the flagellum to rotate and thus propogate through water, are individually useless thus rendering this organism a designed organism… leading to the conclusion of an intelligent designer. The evidence was quite compelling, until the scientists argument was later proved wrong by another scientist.

But this got me thinking… i have never viewed evolution and the existence of God as mutually exclusive concepts. As a cosmologist, we try to find the most complete, most elegant theories for the evolution of the universe, we look for seamless transitions between era’s and between astronomical objects. Some people view this approach as a determined quest to eliminate God from our minds and hearts. Yet, I am a muslim, I do believe in God… why is it that I see no conflict in what I study and what I believe.

to be cont in next blog entry

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  1. This keeps coming up, and I talked about it too .. check it Theory of Evolution and Religion
    I don’t think it’s one or the other.

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